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Plants vs. Zombies Free Download – Tips and Hints to Save Yourself from Some Fun-Dead Zombie Attacks


Have you ever thought plants can save you from zombies?

They are on their run to eat up your brain and you have to save yourself from being killed. An award winning game and one of its kinds, plants vs. Zombies FREE is a little scary, but addictive. Let us have a look at what makes it so scary.

How to Play

There is no one or two zombies to fight. As many as 26 such types are ready to knock your door down. These zombies even have names – Newspaper, Snorkel, Conehead and Pole Vaulting are a few of them. Unlike the childhood ideas of killing them by guns or blades, you only have one way to save – grow Wall-Nuts, Peashooters, cherry Bombs and 43 similar plants in your garden. You need to plant a weapon store of 49 foliages that can zap the zombies and save your life. Every plant has its own unique capability to hit the zombie hard. Your support system is the plants that grow and Crazy Dave, your neighbour who can help you at the initial stages.


There are no less than 50 levels in the Adventure mode of this game. You will have to save yourself through all the places, in every condition – on the rooftop, in a swimming pool, during a foggy night and many more. In addition to this, at the Survival mode, the zombies will make a continual attack and you must be brave enough to defend yourself or find yourself dead.


You can toggle and play 35 soundtracks while playing Plants vs. Zombies FREE. The most interesting part is when the zombies taunt ‘Brains’ or ‘We are coming’’ and you flash a grin. The graphics is better if you are using a phone with screen less than 4.5 inches to play; otherwise, you may have to face the pixels’ problem.

Tips and Hints

  • A strong Sun focusing your yard will shove most of the zombies to disappear. Plant as many as sunflower seeds as possible to bring this play the Sun power play.
  • Use Squash or plant a Peashooter to kill Conehead zombie. The Peashooter will have to shoot 10 times for killing the rest of the zombies.
  • Pole Vaulting zombie uses its pole to jump over your vegetation. Use Wall-nut to break him down otherwise this dead man can smash all your plants.
  • There is always one strong contender in an army who is strong to be killed; Buckethead zombie is one of such types.
  • Potato Mine is one of the best weapons that can permanently damage any zombie who even thinks to pass it. You will have to spare a minimum of three squares to make this plant ready to kill.
  • These zombies are not fast, they are slow. Hence, you can think properly and not rush in sacrificing suns to plant Peashooters or Cherry Bombs.
  • As every plant has its own unique quality, it is better to plant Wall-Nut at the front row to slow the zombies down.

Now as you know the hints to chop off the zombies’ heads, download this game and make the dead masks pay for eating up your brain.