Do you want to make your Android phone run faster? Save money by blocking pop-up ads on your Android Smartphone or even the web browser of your tablet.

These pop-up ads keep emerging when surfing the web from nowhere. Adverts are intrusive, annoying the user and also incredibly expensive on a mobile device. Heavy web-pages already take up enough data, so you just do not want to pay for the added cost of such marketing adverts.

There is a way to tackle pop-ups from coming up during web usage. There is no reason why the Android users should bear the brunt of the other people’s marketing messages at the expense of their data. The need is to combat each of the aspects in a proper order. Things will of course get better by enabling the pop-up blocker on your browser. An assured blocker would be to get the ads blocked at the proxy server.

Blocking pop-up ads on browser

Open the Android browser and then find the three dot icon on the right hand corner of the screen at the top. Now go to ‘settings’ and select ‘advanced’ option in the menu. Enable ‘Block pop-ups’, which essentially stops pop-up ads from showing up when browsing on your Android Smartphone. Follow the same process with the Chrome browser by going to the ‘settings’ option from the dropdown list in the right hand corner. Select ‘Site Settings’ and ‘Pop-ups’ by clicking that option. That blocks the pop-ups by default; however, in case it is not, then just enable the option by selecting it.

Enabling data server on chrome

Prevent the advertising from coming up when using Chrome by blocking pop-ups. Enable the Data saver option (recommended), which suppresses the unrequired aspects of a web page. Hence, you avail a smooth browsing experience without the unnecessary cost of data bills. So, you no longer pay for advertisement ads and animations to show up while surfing. Disable the Data Saver for uninterrupted and low cost browsing.

On Chrome, choose the ‘settings’ option from the dropdown on the upper right side of the screen. Then select ‘Data Saver’ from the top menu from “off” to “on”. Simply reverse the steps to disable ‘Data Saver’ anytime.

Ad-Block browser for Android

A better way to restrain advertisements from popping up is to avail Ad-block in the new browser with built-in-ad-blocking. Based on the open source Firefox browser the Ad-block browser installation is based on a few steps. Though the software is in beta stage, the final app is likely to come to the Google App Play Store very soon. Log into Google, select ‘Become a Tester’ on the community page and get the beta software on your Android Smartphone. Time required to download the beta version is one hour so you really need to be patient on that.

Ad-Blocker installation on Chrome

Even after you’ve blocked the pop-ups on Android browser as well as enabled Data Saver on Chrome, but the ads keep popping up still, then there is of course another thing that you can do. Install one of the ad-blockers if you have rooted Android. But most people may not have a rooted Android which actually makes things trickier. If you use Wi-Fi networks regularly, here’s what you need to do.

Go to Settings and then Security; enable ‘Unknown Sources’. Download Ad-Block Plus, then click to install. For a non-rooted handset, this has to done manually by configuring in the network settings. Click ‘Configure’ in the top menu. Make a note of the proxy configuration displayed. Go to ‘settings’ from home and then press the network you’re into for long to ‘Modify network’.

Click on ‘Show Advanced Options’ and enable. At the ‘Proxy Settings’ change the dropdown from ‘None’ to ‘Manual’. Enter the settings as provided by Ad-Block Plus. This will ensure that you no longer see any ads on the websites you browse from that network.

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