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Viber 5.4 Free Download And Add Contacts Via QR Codes – Chat In The Middle Of A Voice Calls


Likewise WhatsApp, Viber is neglecting the iOS users and rarely gives them new updates. Some of them thought that Viber’s developers have completely forgotten about them, but a miracle happened and version 5.4 was released with important improvements. Until now, the iPhone owners weren’t able to chat while making voice or video calls, but the new version of Viber allows the users to minimize a VoIP call and to open a new screen to chat, without interrupting the ongoing conversation.

Paradoxically, Viber was firstly released for iPhones, in December 2010, as a rival to Skype, while for Android it was available only in May 2011. But, since Android is more popular and has a larger user base, not only Viber, but all applications focused on improving their versions for this OS and put iOS on the second place. But it seems that Viver launched a new update for iOS and besides allowing the users to chat and make voice calls at the same time, they will also have access to the call history for a contact, while they’re chatting with that person. Besides, adding contacts can be done now with the QR code scanning feature, and to add new contacts, there are some steps that must be followed:

At the bottom of the screen you will see the More tab on which you’ll tap, then you’ll select Add Contact and tap the QR Scanner. With this option you will scan the QR code from another iPhone’s screen and this way, you will add its owner to your list of contacts. To allow others to add you using this method, this is how you can create a QR code on your screen: go to the More screen and from the upper-right, tap on the QR code icon.

The new version of Viber for iPhone includes for iOS’s Dynamic Type and offers clearer contact info, which means that you will see the name and photo of a person with whom you interact, even if he/she isn’t saved in your contact list. Two other changes made to Viber 5.4 will give you the option to change the text size on the phone’s setting and to personalize your group with your own icon, so that you can distinguish one group from another. To use the 80.2-megabyte app, your iPhone must run on iOS 7.0 or later.