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WhatsApp Plus Latest APK For Android – Download It Now


There isn’t one single person out there, tech passionate or not, that hasn’t heard of WhatsApp. This IM app has completely changed the way people keep in touch with one another. But there is another great app out, there dubbed WhatsApp Plus (it is the unofficial variant of the original one).

WhatsApp Plus is a friendly user app which allows you to change its interface to your own liking. You will love playing around with the tons of hues and shades available, not to mention the fun visual modifications you can make. As a bonus, you can send up to 16MB of video files via WhatsApp Plus. The resolution of the pictures you send can also be significantly improved. You have a default one, but it’s pretty crummy but you can adjust the resolution as you want. Sharing music has never been easier (as long as you have DVD support) and you can also hide a profile picture of your listed contact. Have a look at the multiple themes you have at your disposal because the official version doesn’t have as many themes as the WhatsApp Plus version. Too bad right? You can also send your exact location to loved ones with the Plus variant.

Guide on how to Install WhatsApp+

If you’re running the official WhatsApp version, start by saving all of your chats (for this head on to Menu, then Settings and then Chat, click on Save conversations). The next step is to disable the WhatsApp app and install the WhatsApp Plus version. You cannot have both of these versions installed on the same device.

If you want to get your hands on the “Hide status” element, which I’m sure you do, you will have to purchase the WhatsApp Plus Unlock Donation. This will grant your access to the WhatsApp Plus 6.76 (the newest version out there). This WhatsApp Plus Donation is available for purchase on the Play Store. Check it out!