WhatsApp Voice Calling has been added to Android smartphones a few months ago and it seems that there are users who reported that they are being bugged with Voice Calls and they want a way to disable them without having to block anyone.

It seems that the guy(s) from “didi products” has/have released an application that will allow you to disable the WhatsApp Voice Calls without too many problems. The application is called “Disable WhatsApp Calls” and it is available for download from the Google Play Store.

In concordance with Android Police, this application allows you to block either incoming or outgoing WhatsApp Voice Calls, depending on what exactly do you want. To do this, of course, all you need is to install the application and with just a single tap, all your problems will be gone (at least the ones regarding the annoying WhatsApp Voice Calls ones).

This application is targeted for the people who still prefer to use normal calls over the WhatsApp Voice Calls. All the functions can be controlled via a single setting screen, which allows you to switch to on or off the service and disable or enable notifications for incoming calls.

It is good to know that the WhatsApp Voice Calling feature is eating a lot of internet data and in case the person you’re trying to call via this service is having a poor internet connection, the call will be either very poor or will suddenly end without any reason. This is why you will probably prefer to use the “old fashioned” way and call that person via your carrier’s voice calling connection.

This application will save you from annoying WhatsApp Voice Call disconnections, due to poor internet connection or any technical issues that the WhatsApp servers may have.

Disable WhatsApp Calls: Requirements

The “Disable WhatsApp Calls” application is available for smartphones that run on Android 4.4 or later and it is available in English and Hebrew languages. Keep in mind that the application is currently in BETA testing, so it may have a few bugs or some features may not work as they should.

However, in case you are annoyed by WhatsApp Voice Calls, we suggest you to give it a try and install it now from the Google Play Store.

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