Windows 10 will be officially released on July 29, but until then, it will be available for testing. The new OS was presented in September 2014, then Microsoft released several preview builds, each update coming with improvements and bug fixes. Windows 10 has a lot of new features, being a combination between Windows 7 and Windows 8. The latter operating system was highly criticized for the removal of the Start Menu, which will be back in Windows 10. Below, we will make a comparison between the previous and the new OS.

Price and availability in the UK

Most of the new PC or Laptops already come installed with Windows 8/8.1, thanks to an agreement between Microsoft and the manufacturers, but if the users want to upgrade or buy a license, they will pay £79 for Windows 8.1 or £189 to buy the Windows 8.1 Pro license. However, Windows 10 will be released on July 29 and until then, the users will be able to try the preview versions and in approximately two months, the Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users will upgrade to Windows 10, for free. In case you have an old computer running on Windows Vista or XP, you should consider upgrading now!

Supported devices

Currently, the users are stuck with three different types of OS which can be considered “Windows 8”, but the real Windows 8 has 64bit and 32bit versions for computers and laptops, and there are the other two platforms: Windows RT is for tablets and Windows Phone 8 comes installed on smartphones. Windows 10 will run on all the mentioned devices, it won’t have separate versions for computers, tablets and smartphones.

Start Menu

This feature came back to Windows 10 and Microsoft improved it in a way that it includes a list of frequently used applications and shortcuts to PC settings and while you’re here, you can see the “All apps” shortcut at the bottom. Microsoft hasn’t completely forgotten about the functionality of Windows 8’s Start screen, but the Live Tiles can now be resized and it is easier for the users to check unread emails or Calendar appointments. The tabs in Windows 10 can be resized, rearranged and if the users don’t like how the start page looks like, they can revert to the Windows 8.


Microsoft will bring the best features from Xbox Live and the Xbox console to Windows 10, to offers the users a great gaming experience. The new OS will have a built-in Xbox app and through Xbox Live, over 50 million members will interact and will play games in multiplayer mode, share their results and exchange opinions.


The semantic digital assistant will make its way to Windows 10 to help users search for information on their devices or on the web, using voice commands. Cortana will be superior to Siri, learning from the behavior of the users and assisting them in a better way. To search for files on their computers without Cortana, the users have a search button added to the taskbar.

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