Do you prefer to use CarPlay or Android Auto? Today we’re going to make a comparison between these two applications that integrate into your car in order to make it “smarter”.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are out and the latest news says that the US auto giant GM agreed to support both of the applications on its new Chevrolet cars. So, which one of these two car applications is the best?


Both applications come with the same basic way of setting up. You will need to plug in your smartphone using the microUSB or lightning cable. None of them supports wireless connectivity for now, but Apple announced that the upcoming CarPlay will come with wireless support.

As soon as you plug in your smartphone, both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will detect the phone and switch control to the car interface. With other words, your phone works like a “computer” while your car’s display is just displaying information that receives from the smartphone.

It is good to know that the iPhone device can be normally used while you’re running CarPlay. However, Google decided to block the phone’s operation while Android Auto is active.

CarPlay can be used with iPhone 5 and newer versions, while Android Auto can be used only for the smartphones that run on Android 5.0 or later (we remind you that not many smartphones are currently running at least Android 5.0).

Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come with a touchscreen interface, but it can also be controlled via physical controls or even with your voice. For example, Apple CarPlay is using Siri so that you can make hands-free calls, dictate messages etc. On the other hand, the Android Auto uses Google Now, to give you access to the “hands-free” commands.


One of the reasons why you should use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, is the navigation system that they come with. They come with turn-by-turn guidance which will bring you exactly to the destination just like a normal GPS.

However, as expected, Apple CarPlay uses Apple Maps, while Android Auto uses Google Maps. As you’ve already heard, Google Maps is way better than Apple Maps, which makes Android Auto better for navigation.


You can access your phone’s music applications on both systems. Both systems allow you to use third party music application, which means that Android wins once again, as this OS is better populated with Audio and other kinds of applications.


Both of these systems are in the “early stages” and we can’t say which one is better. Both come with almost similar features, but once again, when it comes to navigation, Android Auto is surely better, just because it is using the Google Maps.

Android Auto also comes with a more attractive interface, while Apple CarPlay comes with a bit more strict functionality and focuses more on the voice control.

Which one of these two systems will you prefer using for your car?

Technology Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto – Which One Is Better?