Apple is expected to announce the new iOS 9 operating system during the Worldwide Developers Conference that started today.

With the new OS almost here, we know some of the features that the iOS 9 will bring to your device, be it iPhone, iPad or any other.

New Font

One of the major changes that Apple will make with its iOS 9 is to introduce a new font that is currently dubbed as “San Francisco”. Apple switched to Helvetica for the iOS 7 and hasn’t made any changes since then. However, the general feeling is that Helvetica brought visual minimalism, but sacrificed readability. The font was simply too hard to read and Apple hopes to change that with the balanced San Francisco, a font that is still true to the minimalistic approach, but more readable.


It seems like Apple has an answer for Google Now. With the new iOS 9 eco system, Apple will introduce a feature called “Proactive”. According to rumors, Proactive is actually an update to the Spotlight search feature and it will be accessible from the left side of the home screen. Proactive will show information that is relevant for you at the time you most need it. For example, you will get a suggestion for a boarding pass when it is time for your flight. Same as Google Now, Proactive learns and adjusts with the more time you spend using it. Proactive will be integrated within Siri, Spotlight and much more applications. Another example how it might work is to show weather information in the morning, presuming you always read the info at a certain time.

Trusted Wi-Fi

Another new and improved feature in iOS 9 is the Trusted Wi-Fi feature. Whenever your iOS device will try to connect to a router that has been previously used and marked as trusted, the device will connect without requiring security measures. All the security measures kick in once you try to connect your device to a non-trusted router.

Update to iCloud Drive

Apple will also try to improve the iCloud Drive experience for users, allowing them to sync applications with the cloud service. It is unknown which apps will be synced, but the assumption is that Notes, Calendar and Reminders will be among the first. The transition will take some time, but at the end, almost all apps will be synced in the iCloud Drive.

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