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Crossy Roads Free Download – Fruit Ninja Shakes Hands with Crossy Roads for Business


The gaming world has seen major revolutions with some extravagant games; a few of them are Fruit Ninja and Crossy Roads.

One team has seen success with most of the ninjas slicing the charts of gaming stores, while the other set of game champions spawned a lot of buzz with their mascots. The three brains behind Fruit Ninja and the developers of Crossy Road come together to bring you a future filled with gaming apps. Let us have a look what combination they can make with their sense of attitudes and crafty ideas.

The game of warriors, Fruit Ninja do not fight with any other squad of their kinds, but slice down the fruits they come across. The two masterminds Blades and Jojos plant the best effect during the game war. With excellent visual effects and acoustic sound played at the background, you just cannot get enough of it. You keep playing until you cut all the fruits and already feel becoming a warrior. With you running up through the levels, the new adventurous spirits Mari and Katsuro guide you through the streets and roads to avoid losing your lives. You can unleash the escapades with Zen, Classic and Arcade modes with the special bananas and bring the craziness out of you during the multi-slice Pomegranate.

On the other hand, Crossy Roads is a quiet and slow moving game. You keep walking until you reach the winning line. In the meantime, you will have to dodge trains, vehicles and even eagles if you stay long at one place. Playing the mascots of more than 50 characters, you are gone fanatical with the effects every character brings. With the pixel graphic art, you can see your shadow chasing you while you cross the road. A game whose clones have topped the chart, Crossy Roads remains the original and the most interesting than the rest.

As the choice of games tell the person’s mind of action, how can developers who have two complete different flavours for gaming apps can rock the floor? The Halfbrick Studios uses animations that can sway you off the floor while Hipster Whale exploits slow moving techniques to attract the audience. One brings the adrenaline rush to live in the player’s head and the other allows the cooling down and makes the user think patiently. Fruit Ninja has ninjas to drive success through bloodshed whereas Crossy Roads has animated animals to walk the path.

Are you sure both the companies can rub off the success together from each of their shoulders? How can we guess the mystery game on the basis of the ideas they have provided? Will there be a game where the players have to chop the traffic before crossing the road? Pack your work now, as you will soon be glued to the screens of your phone when this collaboration brings you one of the finest games in the gaming era. Stay tuned to know more of this mystery play.