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Facebook Messenger Free Download and Play Doodle Draw – Credit Collect Advantages


Facebook decided that the Messenger should continue as standalone application far from the main application, and now it turns out to be a success. A very good moment because the first game was released for it.

The first Facebook application to reach the one billion downloads was the main social network. Then came WhatsApp’s turn, and the newest one to achieve this status is Messenger. Along with those from Facebook, Google also has YouTube, Gmail and Google+.

Facebook Messenger performance news comes nearly a year after the company announced that it has reached half a billion downloads. The new Messenger functionality is about third-party applications that can be used on it, and the list is filled with the first game: Doodle Draw.

As the name suggests, it is about an app where you can drawn and send the creation to a Facebook friend. You will feel like home even if you have talent or not, but there is more to wait for a serious games to play, possibly in multiplayer with your friends.

The bad news is that Doodle Draw is not an application that you desperately want on your platform. It’s fun, to some extent, but we already have more useful applications on Facebook Messenger than this.

Be careful, however, because the application can become a spam generator because your friends will get to collect credit if they invite as many people to draw with them, writes TechCrunch. At this moment, there are 600 million people on Messenger able to generate spam.

If you care to try Doodle Draw, download the app on Android or iOS. It is already clear that will not be available too soon for Windows, but in the near future.