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New Features of Microsoft Office 2016


Microsoft is expected to release the new version of Office they call Microsoft Office 2016, later this year. A preview version was made available to display of Office 2016 at Microsoft Ignite conference in Chicago. The preview version has disclosed the Microsoft has gone easy on user interface changes and has focused on adding tools that are labeled as today’s modern workforce. These workers are prone to working in teams, and are very mobile only a mouse click away from you. Here are some features that are either new or updated in Office 2016.

Outlook to Become a Centralized Client

There are times when you have to think twice before sending an attachment to your co-workers if the recipient has the latest version, or if a colleague updated a document with added content. Outlook 2016 will now give you a notification whenever you try to add an attachment. Even the drop down menu of adding attachment will give you option to add files from your SharePoint, OneDrive, or OneDrive for Business account.

Co-Editing Now Happening

A handy featured that was initially introduced by Google docs has now made its reach into Office 2016 that will let users co-edit their office documents. This real-time co-editing will be available in Office Online. As per Microsoft, users will be able to collaborate more easily with remote team and help groups.

Built-in Query Box for Speedy Answers

Microsoft has added a Tell Me box at its Office 2016 that will be available at the top of your taskbar to help you out. Now whenever you are stuck at some point and need to figure things out like projecting a secondary screen, or adding graphics to a slide just type in the problem in Tell Me box and Office 2016 will come up with best possible answers.

Say Hello to Sway

Microsoft PowerPoint is yesterday’s news. It is time for Sway. Sway is a multitalented app to make slides and presentation for your work of any kind. It will let you drag and put pictures on your slides from YouTube, your computer, Facebook, Twitter right on to your device, tablet or laptop. Sway will let you organize content in an engaging way to help communicate in a non-linear way i.e. the PowerPoint way. There is a debate that states Sway and OneNote are similar which is in fact false. Sway is basically a presentation app to present your finished tasks and projects whereas OneNote is a kind of box where we put ideas before we start working on them.

No More Clutter in Inbox

Microsoft Office 2016 has bought out a great feature to fight all the unnecessary emails that we keep receiving, hindering our daily performance and progress. Such emails that produce pain more than the knowledge are called Clutter. Such emails with fewer priorities will be moved automatically out of your inbox to a separate designated folder called Clutter. Clutter will start working over the passage of time studying your daily email intake and their respective priorities and your taken actions.