The whole jailbreak idea will reach the end of the line once Apple rolls out the rootless element, well at least that is what the titan Apple Company desires. But, apparently the jailbreak community doesn’t agree with this and lets Apple know that the jailbreaks will carry on.

The newest OS released by the company will come out with some top-notch security elements, which will also include the rootless, secured Wi-fi and much more. This rootless security element is considered a major step forward. What does this actually mean? It means users will have secured extensions and that their most private information will be secure, not to mention that they won’t be facing any more nasty viruses. But nothing is certain until the iOS 9 Beta version will be unveiled, which will happen at the WWDC expo in the month of June.

According to various reports, there might be some people in the jailbreak community working on some sort of tool that will “crack” the new iOS 8.4. This fancy tool is presumed to jailbreak the iOS 8.1.13 as well as the 8.3 gadgets and the 8.2 ones. And those from TaiG, a well known Jailbreak crew doesn’t even need this root opportunity to jailbreak these iOS gizmos. So, it seems that Apple’s allegations about no more jailbreaks are not nearly over.

These two famous Jailbreak crews from TaiG and Pangu are eager for Apple to release the complete version of iOS 8.4, so that shortly after they can set in motion their own jailbreak. But given the fact that when Apple’s iOS 8.1.1 update was launched those from TaiG unveiled the jailbreak weeks after, this can also happen again. So if the company unveils their new version at the WWDC expo in the month of June, we should expect those from TaiG to roll out the jailbreak several weeks later.

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