Can’t the Zombies have enough of you, ever? You busted them in part one, they came to an unusual extent in its sequel.

With timely efforts, you killed every zombie to death in every part. However, they are back with vengeance in the Lost City.

The Lost City

The Lost City is now live with new updates to Plants vs. Zombies 2. A land where you can find zombies exclusively, a forgotten civilization, the Lost City is as scary as anybody can imagine. The zombies are here to hunt down the treasure hidden in the far corners of this ancient civilization.

The Help

You can ward off few zombies off the Lost City with four plants that are Endurian, Red Stinger, Lava Guava and A.K.E.E. These plants can take the heads off some gruesome zombies such as Lost Pilot, zombie Jane, Zombug and Excavator. The Red Stinger plant performs different with respect to its placement. If placed at the right of the board, it defends itself with petals. However, it behaves offensively when kept at the left. Hence, you must think well before making any plans to place this plant. The Endurian helps to slow down the speed of the zombies by being a barricade. A.K.E.E. shoots the dead directly in the head. The best of them is the Lava Guava as it bursts the zombies into red fire and leaves back flames on the tile to burn every zombie that surpasses it. In addition to this, you can take the help of Golden Sun Tile Mechanic to help your plants grow faster and kill the dead scary walking bodies as fast as possible. The Golden Sun is an added feature to this series as it pushes the economy of sunrays to grow fast. As long as you are planting plants and none of the plants doe, this golden tile helps you.

The Levels

The update of Lost City has 16 excruciatingly painful levels with a tough Travel Log Quotes. This will impeccably expand the adventurous intensity and experience to play the game. With the addition of ten new zombies to the cult, the difficulty level is raised to an altogether different height.

You have started the fight between you and zombies; now only you can end them by heading for a killing spree. Think strategically before planting every tree in the Lost City. Use every feature effectively and make sure you none of the zombies get hold of you.

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