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The Sims 4: Views and Reviews


Back in year 2000, Maxis launched a game that was published by Electronic Arts, was considered one of its kinds. The game was based on Life Simulation that was not very much of a trend by then. With the detailing of life and its amazing feature that game ultimately became a success and launched several expansion packs and sequels.

Last year Maxis launched The Sims 4 in collaboration with The Sims Studio which was again published by Electronic Arts. The game was announced on 6 May 2013 and was released on 2 September 2014. A compatible version for Mac was released few months later on 17 February 2015. The game made its appearance with huge success and within four days 408,150 copies were sold worldwide.

Maxis did not release a copy before making it available for general public therefore critics had to wait until its release. The game received a mixture of feedback and was later rated 70 out of 100.

What’s New?

The game is based on same concept and gameplay as its predecessors. Players can control their Sims in various aspects of their life including career, relationships, and education. Unlike its earlier release the game does not have any final objective, and the gameplay is quoted as nonlinear.

Some of the features are updated like Create-a-Sim, Build Mode, Buy Mode tools have been redesigned to fill the gap that was felt left. These upgraded tools have allowed more versatility when creating game content. Emotional state of your Sim has now wide impact on social interaction, user interface, and personality.

The Sims can now multitask like doing their chores besides talking to other Sims. The Sims’ Moodlet also has a unique importance as it makes Sims do things that they do not generally do. For example, there are certain actions that can only be taken when Sim is either very angry or very excited.

Special Features

Smarter Sims: Sims 4 has made its Sims smarter than before. Now you can control your Sims with unique appearance, personalities, and emotions. Customize your Sims with fashion styles, personality traits, skills, career, and walk styles. The emotions that your Sims possesses plays a vital role in the gameplay as the game is widely featured towards their Moodlet.

Powerful, Creative Tools: Create-a-Sim and Build Mode now have a lot to offer with their upgraded and new tools that would push the versatility of game within. The all new room based build mode will let you build your house like you have ever wanted.

Vibrant Neighborhood: The vibrant and dynamic neighborhoods will now let you experience a new gameplay with your smarter Sims. Select from available wonderful lots to construct house for your Sims and interact with other Sims around your neighborhood and hang out with them at community centers and parks.

Rich Rewards: Complete certain events to earn new objects, outfits and personality traits. You can discover collectibles and unlock achievements as well.

Share Your Creations: Get access to Sim community without even leaving your game. Browse, share and download new content available on the gallery and get inspired by other players from the community. You can also add your personal experiences for other players to read.