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Subway Surfers and Temple Run 2 Free Download Gaming Apps Are Not the Same Anymore


Subway Surfers and Temple Run 2 are always involved in comparisons with each other. Both of the games crossed the top position of gaming charts.

An endless run game, the players of Subway Surfers and Temple Run 2 have to keep escaping and dodging dangers and hitches. However, let us have a look at what makes it different from each other.

The Game-Play

Temple run 2 clearly outruns Subway Surfers for the plot and as the overall game. The missions and challenges in Temple Run 2 are simpler than Subway Surfers. If you are tough challenges’ player, you will definitely like Subway Surfers. However, both the games provide equally interesting tests and challenges to perform. It is just a mere perspective and personal preference to vote for any one of them.

The Graphics and the 3D Effects

A game where the graphics play an important role, both the games need a tie-breaker round to decide which one is superior. Nevertheless, the graphic developers of Subway Surfers win this show as they have minutely looked upon every detail of the game. For example, it is quite interesting to watch how Jake, character of Subway Surfers, slides down the screen after hit by a train. Moreover, the 3D elements of Temple Run 2 do not appeal the players as much as it does to the players of Subway Surfers.

The Prices for Characters

The means to buy characters in both the games is same. However, the price is high in Subway Surfers than Temple Run 2. You need to shell out many coins on Subway Surfers whereas Temple Run 2 is a game for less-coin bearer.

The Controls

The controls used for Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers are almost similar. However, players in Subway Surfers can be easily controlled when compared to Temple Run 2. Sometimes, though we swipe the finger over the screen in Temple run 2, the character keeps running straight. It is one of the glitches that are irritating and frustrating as we keep losing lives for no reason.

The Look and the Place

Temple Run 2 has an old temple look whereas in Subway Surfers we run in a city. One game takes us on a tour to most happening places; on the other hand, the other game brings the epic history home.

The Perception

Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers, both are fun and interesting to play. The coin system and the boosters achieved draw more attention of the players. Hence, whether to choose one game over the other is a mere personal preference.