According to a team of scientists, WiFi will be used not only to connect to the internet, but to charge smartphones as well. So, instead of creating bigger devices with larger batteries, to get a longer lifespan, they will be charged with WiFi.

Sounds unrealistic, too…. futuristic? Well, then embrace the future and its upcoming innovations and get ready to charge your smartphone using a new method. A research team at University of Washington developed a Power Over WiFi system (PoWiFi) which will recharge phones’ batteries through a signal transmitted from a distance of 28 feet. Imagine that you have a race car which is refueled using the kinetic energy produced by the car itself, so you will no longer spend money on gas. The system invented by the scientists has two components: the router and custom-built sensors and, according to Vamsi Talla, one of the members of the research team, PoWiFi will convert RF power to DC power.

The team created a software which acts like a power source and WiFi Router in the same time and the users can do two things simultaneously: charge their smartphones over WiFi and connect to the internet.

There were other previous attempts to find a solution for charging phones without using a charger, but only radio signals. The researches from Nikola Labs, based in Ohio, even managed to create a case for the iPhone 6, which gets its energy from the phone, then it powers the radio signals and utilizes RF-DC energy harvesting circuit to recharge the phone’s battery. This case will be launched on Kickstarter and it will cost $99.

However, the researchers at the University of Washington and Nikola Labs have been working on totally different projects. For example, PoWifi transmits small amounts of un-intrusive power to recharge “nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion batteries… while minimizing the impact on WiFi network performance”. The system was already tested in some homes, in a metropolitan area. This means that PoWiFi will enter our lives soon enough.

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