Many years ago, having a computer connected to the internet was considered a luxury and there were fewer providers offering accessible plans. But times have changed, technology has evolved, but still, 57 percent of the world’s population doesn’t have access to the internet. Some people have never had a smartphone or a computer before, but they live in the third world countries, and that’s another story. In more civilized countries, there’s a batter between internet providers, their plans are cheaper and cheaper, but many mobile phone owners ask their friends to create free WiFi hotspots, so they can connect to the internet.

Wifi Hotspot Creator is an application that turns a computer or laptop into a WiFi router and which allows smartphones to connect to the internet. Wifi Hotspot Creator has a basic interface and the users won’t struggle to understand how it works.

Its features include: a Personal Hotspot Name and Personal Password; the possibility to share any connection; it doesn’t have any phone connectivity problem; it consumes less RAM like Connectify; it doesn’t run any background and startup services; it supports most of the WiFi adapters; it supports unlimited Hotspot time; it can connect up to one hundred clients at a time; it’s compatible with Windows XP, 7 and 8; it has an in-built Update Function that automatically checks for updates when the application starts; there are no CMD popups and the UI is modern.

The latest version of Wifi Hotspot Creator, 3.0.6, has a new design, a new icon, the CMD Popups have been fixed, some connectivity and compatibility issues have been fixed also, many bugs have been fixed, the software is more stable and it has support for more network cards.

To create WiFi Hotspot with this software, after downloading it from the official website, you will double click on it and click Yes in UAC prompt, then after installing it, open it by double clicking on the desktop icon and enter the hotspot name and password. Next, click on the hotspot button and wait until you’ll see this message: “Hotspot Started”.

To share your internet connection with a smartphone, go to the task bar, right-click on Network> Open Network and Sharing Center, and from the left pane you will choose Change adapter settings. Next, right-click on the connection you intend to share, select Properties, click on Sharing, then on Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection and, finally, click on Ok.

Technology WiFi Hotspot – How To Easily Create and Manage One?