In a rather sneaky update to the game recently, the gun game game mode for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare received some rather subtle tweaks, adding the M1 Irons weapon to the game as a brand new tier of weapons, and giving every gun a weapon variant. On the surface this seems like a minor change to a fun game mode, but in practice this changes the game enough for it to take a change to the momentum, and to make different strategies possible. So if winning gun game’s is your thing, this is the guide to follow.

First of all, the M1 Irons. This is a simple one to adapt to. Instead of expecting an SMG after your kill, get ready for a pistol or pair of pistols to use on people. This is one of the weaker tiers of weapon, especially amongst the peers you’ll see other people use around the time you have it but keeping the gun fights at close range and preparing more than normal is an easy change to make to get past this early tricky tier.

Next up, having a random weapon variant on each weapon. This will not change each time you die, but will change every game. While the easiest way to deal with this would be to know each and every variant of every weapon in the game. It’s easy to see why this is an entirely impractical piece of advice though, as there are literally hundreds of variants, all with major and minor changes of their own to know, an entirely impossible task for most. So what is the alternative?

First of all, knowing all the variants of the ASM1. Since this is the first weapon, that advantage from all powerful knowledge is most important here, as it can start the momentum needed to start climbing the weapon ladder. As a guideline, the royalty and speakeasy variants allow you to be more liberal with ammo at the cost of long range damage, the rigor is worst for hip fire, the sweeper is better at long ranges but worst up close, and the reckless is a bullet hose with poor hip fire.

After this first tier, there are some key attributes you should look for in each weapon to know how to use it. Often variants will increase or decrease the ammo per magazine of a weapon, and this can come in very painfully during a gun fight if you do not pay attention to it. Another trick is to check your hip fire circle and your ADS as soon as you spawn just to get an idea of what range the weapon works best at. Pairing these things together can tell you the PDW crusher is a monster up close, or that the IMR lightweight is great for quickly snapping onto targets.

Use of all these things together can increase your odds in gun game, and hopefully lead to more decisive victories

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