Apple announced that Apple Music will be added to iOS 8.4, which will be launched on June 30 and without a doubt, this music service is very expected by the users, especially because it will be free in the first three months. But, currently, the market has other known music services as well, and we picked three of them to compare with Apple Music.

Apple Music

Let’s begin with this music service, which will come pre-installed on the iPhones that will come with iOS 8.4 installed on them. After the trial period of three months will expire, the users will pay a monthly subscription of $9.99, but the price is reasonable, since Apple Music offers 30 million tracks. However, a large library isn’t enough to beat giants like Spotify, so Apple made a few improvisations. The users can ask Siri – the personal assistant, to search for a particular song from any year and once it finds it, it will start playing it immediately. Also, the interface is very friendly, and after the users will look for favorite genres and bands, the service will give them similar recommendations, very close to users’ tastes. Also, the Beats 1 streaming radio station will delight the listeners with new songs, by promoting new artists. Also, the artists can promote themselves using the social feature which allows them to share photos, songs or notes with their fans. The families with up to 6 members have a different monthly of $14.99.


Spotify is used by over 60 million active users, which live in 58 countries. Likewise Apple Music, it has a monthly subscription of $9.99, but only 15 million users are paying to benefit from the ad-free Premium service. Even if they’re interrupted by ads, the users don’t mind, because they have access to 30 million songs. The service was launched in 2008 and it hosts other applications on PCs, high-powered personal music library on smartphones and a digital jukebox on tablets, offering a great user experience. Coincidence or not, Spotify’s family plan is also $14.99, but the integration with Facebook comes in handy, because this way, the users can share their favorite songs, albums and playlists with their friends.


Pandora has 80 million active users, being around for 15 years, so its name has become known in time, being currently extremely appreciated for its features, although it has fewer songs in its library. However, the monthly subscription is also lower, as the users must pay $4.99 per month to eliminate the ads. Pandora is compatible with Pebble smartwatches, Windows Phones, Android phones, BlackBerry, HP webOS etc.


This music service was launched in August 2010 and it’s currently used by people from 85 countries. The library contains 35 million songs and the lowest plan is $3.99 per month, but it limits the users to skip six songs per hour, while if they pay $9.99 per month, the users will get on-demand perks. Rdio can be accesses on Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and computers running on Windows and Mac OS X and has Facebook integration.

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