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Clash of Clans Free Download – Be the King of the Clan with Hints and Tips


The ultimate mortal combat game, Clash of Clans make you feel the warrior while playing.

The characters, the epic strategies and the building of the empire makes you go to an altogether different era. In this game, you have to bag gems and elixir to drive your clan ahead. Let us have a look at how we can have abundant resources to beat the game.

Be the Rebel

You have built the entire empire; however, you need to log off the game and get back to work. At such times, the empire is left open and any clan can defeat it with their rebellious powers. Once you are back, you can see nothing but your devastated empire. Do not give up as you are the rebel. Check in the list who must have demolished your kingdom and click on the ‘Revenge’ option to call for a war. However, before that you can quietly look at the kingdom of the challenger and take appropriate steps to kill them methodically.

Bring the Trophies Home

You need to have a minimum of 450 gems with you to receive three starts badge on ‘Sweet Victory’. This may be one of the toughest tasks to achieve. However, a small little trick can win you with as many stars as you want. Search for villages that have their Town Hall built outside their walls. You can find many incidents when the troops go for war leaving their villages open for attacks. So go and attack to have those gems in your crown.

Spell Away the Attackers

You do not have to be the witch or a wizard for some time to cast the spells. The Lightening Spell takes time to build the spells, but can take away level 4-5 mortars easily. This helps particularly in hosting the troops and guiding them to kill the defenses with a single target.

Leave Your Town Hall Open for Attacks

Leaving Town Hall Open for Attacks may sound dumb founded. However, once your hall is attacked, you receive at least 12 hours’ shield to gather all the resources you need to build it again. At this time, you can load your resources for better upgrades.

Traps and Teslas

Traps and Teslas is one big fat surprising element for your clan. You can have Hidden Tesla to cover your town Hall and leave it unguarded for the troops to attack. You can come back from fight and see dozens of troops dead outside your Town Hall; however, not even a single brick is demolished. This is how powerful the element of surprise is.

Be the brave, fiery warrior in Clash of Clans. Nobody can stop you from being the king with the hints and the tips rightly followed. Rule the empire with Clash of Clans. Use strategies and have keen focus on the counter army. Take your defenders by surprise and make them pay for whatever they do to your battalion. Think your troop as an army and train them to make full use of their strengths at the right time.