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Gmail Application Download With Top Design and Layout


The Gmail application for Android has made our lives easier, by allowing us to access our emails directly from our smartphones. There are over 100 million people using the Gmail application on their Android devices almost daily.

Google keeps improving the application every now and then, by adding new features and fixing some found bugs and errors. So, in case you are using Gmail on your desktop PC, we suggest you to install the Gmail application on your Android smartphone. This way, you will know whenever you get a new email, because you will be notified by your Android smartphone (as long as you are connected to the internet).

Is Gmail the best email application?

We agree that Gmail is a popular application on Android smartphones and tablets. This is because the application comes with a simple user interface, it offers reliable services and it is pretty fast, without wasting too many resources from your mobile device.

In case you are already using the Gmail application on your Android device, we suggest you to update to the latest version in order to get more improved features.

Why should I update Gmail to the latest version?

There are a number of reasons why you should keep the Gmail application (and other applications) updated. First of all, by updating Gmail to the latest version that’s available on the Google Play Store, you will be able to integrate several email accounts on it, such as Outlook, Yahoo etc.

Another reason to update to the latest Gmail application is that the new layout is much simpler, allowing you to navigate with ease. Also, the latest Gmail application for Android comes with the most waited “categorization”, allowing you to categorize your emails into several tabs such as “Forums, Social, Primary or Promotions.

Have you installed the latest Gmail application on your Android device? Are you satisfied with how it works?