It is now clear that Google is one company that is not ready to live in a world where it’s not the one making things better than any other.

Just recently, Facebook commenced a project known as which is aimed at totally changing the world. is meant to provide millions of people across the developing world with free access to the internet, something that some telecom companies are very much against.

Today, many tech media experts are heavily focused on the war that is going on in the manufacturing sector. The past half decade or so has seen OEMs go into the production of cheaply available devices and services, with the main reason behind it being to allow those in the developing nations to have access to information. In most cases, you’ll find these efforts being marked as humane actions, but behind everything there is always a motive. Of course, these competing companies are definitely mindful of the financial potential that their services to the many billions in this developing world come along with.

Billions to receive free mobile internet connection

It is true to say that many people today are still out of the information age; however, things are rapidly changing, especially with the boom the mobile industry is enjoying at the moment. These people are instantly being rocketed to the digital word thanks to the easily available mobile internet. This is working because the use of mobile internet does not involve heavy and costly groundwork like a wired internet connection or a phone line would. The end product of this whole development is that billions of people across the globe are jumping onto the modern world bandwagon and for sure, this number is set to increase drastically.

What Google and Facebook have realized from this development is that these billions who keep joining the mobile world actually represent a massive untapped market that if well nurtured can be worth trillions of cash. No wonder there is an ongoing race for production of cheaper devices and services that use the least computing power to connect. will help connect billions with its free internet services which will be availed via a fleet of drones that are powered by solar. These drones will be responsible for directing rays of internet to the billions of users below. Even though this project still faces some huge criticism with respect to internet neutrality, Facebook has already launched it.

Google set to join the free internet fold with Project Loon

In light of this development, Google made a decision to launch Project Loon, which also works in the same manner as However, rather than use a fleet of drones, Google Project Loon will make use of a taskforce of high-altitude balloons to shine internet rays to the users below. This is a whole new dimension as far as net neutrality is concerned. In addition, it is now factual that no big company wants to be dependent on another big and competing company to be the keeper of the billions of users out there.

While at times these wars are usually self-serving, we are positive that this one will end being a great addition for the users, especially in the developing nations. It will bring billions of people online, but none of them will care about who brought them to the digital scene.

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