Microsoft and Apple are in a direct competition when it comes to operating systems and both of them are on the home stretch with their new software, Windows 10 and Mac OS X “El Capitan”, which will be released soon. El Capitan, which was named after the Yosemite National Park rock formation, will come this fall, while Windows will be available starting from July 29. Here’s a comparison between these operating systems and their features.

Voice assistants

Microsoft has Cortana, which will be part of Windows 10. Her role will be to learn users’ preferences, behaviors, to set reminders, to deliver the right time and to take voice commands. Everything she learns from the users, stores in the cloud, which means that she will keep track of your interests, places you’ve visited, times of day when you don’t want to be disturbed etc.

El Counter won’t receive Siri because Apple prefers to keep her only on iOS, but there’s an improved Spotlight search feature which allows the users to find any information they want: weather, sports scores, files and folders on their devices etc. However, Spotlight has a language features which allows the users to ask for “documents I worked on last (name of the month)”.

Natural language search

Apple applied natural language search to the Mail app and it’s able to even search for “emails I ignored from X”, which means that it will look exactly for the emails sent by a particular person, but which are unread. Mail app also received screen perks and swipe-based gestures and it will look similar to the iOS email app.

Microsoft has the Windows Store, from where the users will be able to download applications for their Windows 10 devices, no matter if they have a smartphone, tablet or PC, because this OS will be compatible with all three devices and the applications were created to fill the screen regardless of its size.


Safari is Apple’s famous browser and over time, it suffered many changes, but it still needs improved memory management. The additions to Safari are: a button to mute music or videos that are playing on a website; and tab pinning, but this feature eats up RAM.

Microsoft, on the other hand, worked on the new Edge browser, with features such as writing or typing notes on webpages; adding a page to the Reading List and checking it later etc.

Gaming and graphics

El Capitan will launch applications 1.4-times faster, it will switch between applications 2-times faster and the PDF files will be opened 4-times faster. Apple introduced Metal last year on iOS, and now it added it to its desktop machine. This technology accelerates graphics by 50 percent, making the system 40 percent more efficient. The games will look stunning and Adobe will have the possibility to improve its Illustrator software, to make the El Capitan users fall in love with it.

Microsoft relies on the gaming experience, and will let the Xbox users stream their games to other Windows 10 devices. With the help of the Xbox app, the users will be able to share their latest achievements, game clips etc.

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