There is no shadow of doubt that Mozilla Firefox is a huge name in the internet world and in the world of web browsers as well.

With an experience of over a decade in this industry that is dominated by Google Chrome, Firefox has been very successful at keeping its core values. When this browser first made its debut, it did not have a hard time when it came to toppling Internet Explorer and Opera to the top spot as the best browser. During this period, very many users of IE and Opera were beginning to get bored with these applications, citing their lack of improvements and basically no new features for their users. Opera and IE were obviously slower than this newly introduced browser and it took no time to convince people that it was indeed the ultimate browser.

Opera presented the users with a relatively complicated UI with hard to navigate menus. Managing settings of the browser was also becoming a huge concern for most users, something that Mozilla saw as an opportunity and quickly seized it. Mozilla Firefox came in with a unique and a very systematic but still very simple UI, which eventually turned this browser into a global name. As of today, hundreds of millions of people still trust and heavily rely on the robustness of Mozilla Firefox for the web browsing needs.

Mozilla has even bettered their chances of survival in this very competitive industry by diversifying their services to include the mobile users. There are also versions of Firefox available for those using smartphones and tablets, which only but increases its presence on the global market. The company behind this browser has even gone further to release an OS of their own and crowned it the Firefox OS.

Firefox pocket allows users to save pages and read them later

As though it is stopping at nothing until it topples Google Chrome again as the top browser, the latest version of Firefox 38.0.5 comes in with a new feature for all users. The Firefox Pocket feature comes into this browser’s download file, which means you’ll no longer have to download it and install it as an add-on.

Just like the purpose it was meant for in its initial state (‘read it later’ uses), the new Firefox Pocket will still be used to save pages which can then be accessed at a later time. This feature places a button just beside the Firefox search bar and once you click on this button, any open page will be saved. You can still access these pages via the Firefox Pocket website and application as well.

Other features that the new Firefox 38.0.5 comes in with include the ability to keep track of videos using the same Firefox Pocket feature. Users can now enjoy clean formatting for blog posts and web content thanks to the new Reader View. Last but not least, users of this new Mozilla browser will be able to share an active window or tab in a Hello conversation.

Bug fixes in Firefox 38.0.5

Even though the new Mozilla Firefox 38.0.5 comes in with a bunch of new features for all users, there are still some improvements that have come in from the previous version. The previous version was being affected by bug 1067470 that resulted in a race condition which caused the browser to stop painting when in the middle of switching tabs. Another bug that also affected this browser was 1165732, which affected the graphics performance when using the in-built VGA driver in Windows 7. All of these issues have been taken care with this new release, which even gives you more reason to have it installed on your PC right away.

If you are a user of Mozilla Firefox, it is time you updated to the latest version and tried out the latest Firefox Pocket feature. You won’t forget the incredible experience this feature adds to this already amazing web browser.

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