Candy Crush Soda Saga is the newer version of Candy Crush Saga and although they play similarly, you will notice the changes and differences once you start playing.

Like the original game, Soda Saga is available for the iOS and Android devices and it can also be played on a computer if you log in to your Facebook account. The new game comes with new challenges that make it more fun and as addicting as the last one and you’ll encounter new types of levels and characters as well. Some players claim that Soda Saga is more difficult than Candy Crush Saga, while others believe that the levels from the original version are harder to pass.

How to Play Soda Saga with Extra Lives

Different games, but the same question that the players want to know – how do you get to play with more lives in Candy Crush Soda Saga? Everyone wants to play without limits, but unfortunately, you will run out of lives eventually. At the start, you only have five lives and each time you failed to complete the level, one life will be deducted. You gain one life every 30 minutes; so if you used up all the five lives, you will have to wait for two and a half hours for the lives to be filled up again.

Tweak Your Time Settings

A trick to play with more lives that’s very popular and never gets old is the traditional cheat. Go to your device’s Settings and change the time of the device. Move the time up by a few hours to gain the extra five lives. Remember to close the game first, before changing the time and re-launch it once you finished moving it forward. Also, don’t forget to switch the time back to the original time, once you stopped playing so you don’t get late to your next appointments!

Play on Your Computer

Another trick to play with more lives in Candy Crush Soda Saga is by using your computer and playing inside Facebook. This cheat, however, is for the levels you’re having a difficult time playing. Open Soda Saga in multiple tabs (more than 5 tabs) and you can continue playing the same level with extra lives. Once you already passed the level, you need to refresh the next tabs so that they will get updated to your current level. The extra lives might be lost but you can always close the game and open them in multiple tabs again.

Get Your Social Status Working

If you want to play Soda Saga with extra lives, you better start asking your Facebook friends to send you lives. You can store as many lives as you want and save them for those extra difficult levels. If you don’t have many Facebook friends that play Soda Saga, you can keep on sending them requests for lives. Just make sure that you’ll return the favor – also gift your Facebook friends with extra lives when they request for them.

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