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Temple Run 2 Free Download – Escape the Temple with a Few Tips and Hints


With the first part still being on the top charts, Imangi Studios launched the second part of Temple Run as Temple Run 2.

One of the most addictive games, the challenges makes it quite complex to win. Learn the tips and hints for winning strategically and saving your life from all the danger.

The Score

You can boost the score up by earning as many coins as possible while running through the streets. Fetch multipliers on the run to multiply the number of coins you take. To brag a bag full of coins, go to the menu option of the game and tap for ‘free stuff’. Follow Temple run 2 on Twitter and get no less than 250 coins in your score bag. In addition to this, you can like Temple Run 2 on Facebook and get a free gem to help you in upgrading your power ups.

The Levels

The levels are challenging in Temple Run 2 as compared to its first version. To beat your friends you have either to be a pro at playing or learn the hints and tips to top the charts. Passing levels is an easy task if you are good at aiming for power ups such as double value, mega coin and coin magnet. Do not wear a tough look on your face while playing this addictive game. It is a fun and easy game to tackle; hence, beat all the levels with ease and an athletic mindset. You can then challenge every level without any regret. Keep upgrading the ‘Score Multiplier’ and ‘Save Me’ options. However, upgrade those, using the coins instead of giving away power ups. Minecraft eats most of the lives. Have only one motto in mine, which is to save your life. Keep cool and focus on the run to avoid any bumps into trees. This is one of the main objectives when you are playing in the minecraft. At times, there would be two diversions and the speed would be too fast to choose any one out of them. Hence, focus and play.

The Don’ts

The speed may pick up while you are on the run to escape from the temple. At such times, you can avoid picking up coins to save your life. In addition to this, you can bump into any obstacle. This will make the monkey to run behind you and you have a normal speed once again. However, do not bump twice while the monkey is behind you on his feet. He can sway you off the floor and kill you instantly. Do not go for the power ups as soon as you see them. At first, analyze the place, whether you can land properly after jumping for the power up.

Temple Run 2 holds the best graphics. The epic surrounding makes you feel you are running in a different era. Though picking up coins is an important aspect; however, if you lose your life while earning them, you can lose whatever you have achieved. Hence, use the strategies and tricks to control the situation.