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WeChat Free Download IM App – Hidden Features and Tricks That You Don’t Know


WeChat is a mobile messaging application made by the Chinese Internet Portal Company, Tencent.

It is undeniably the most popular and powerful social app in China at the moment. It is becoming one of the world’s most powerful communication tools, as well. It has gone viral and has millions of users across the world. As a matter of fact, WeChat is threatening the future growth of Viber, ChatON and Whatsapp in the mobile space. The app has many features like voice calling, video calling, instant messaging and so forth. However, many people who use this app do not know many of the hidden features that it has.

WeChat Hidden Features

Shake the Mobile Device to search New Friends

Shake is one of the unique features in Wechat app to search for new friends. This feature can help you connect with new local or international friends. To use this feature be sure to follow the following steps:

Go to the discovery tab and select shake option and shake your device once. The app will automatically search for new friends.

Sending Text Update from WeChat Moments  

WeChat moments let you take photos and share them with your friends. Also, you can send text messages to your friends by using this feature. To use this application follow the steps as below:

  • From the discovery tab, select “moments” option
  • Tap on the camera icon on the top right corner and hold it until a text box appears
  • Now you can share your text messages with your friends

Wechat Social Features

WeChat has lots of amazing social features that you won’t find on the most popular Instant Messaging applications out there. These features let you search for and chat with random people across the world, who are also using the application.

Look Around, for example, is a feature that allows you to connect with random people who are near you physically. You must enable Locations in order to use Look Around. This way, the app will be able to do the matching. You can see the user profile picture, custom status, name and their distance from you. Note that when you enable Look Around on your app, other users can look for you too.

Drift Bottle  

The Drift Bottle feature is another cool feature to have fun with since it looks like a game. You need to toss a bottle into an ocean with your text or voice message. Your friends pick up the message to add a reply before throwing it back to the ocean. If you dislike this feature simply go to Settings and disable it.

Let Friends Add You on WeChat without giving out your personal contact number

With WeChat you do not have to give out your contact number to people who want to add you to their friend’s list. For example, you can use a WeChat ID that does not have your real name. Be sure to select the right username, because you can only set it once.

WeChat has many fun features and it seems many people have moved to WeChat because of this reason.