A few years ago, you wouldn’t have been considered as a high-end mobile phone user if you didn’t own a BlackBerry device.

The same couldn’t be said of you unless you were using BBM as your default instant messaging app.

Today, these two platforms have faded away, with Android and iOS taking over the mobile industry and WhatsApp, Viber, Kik and other instant messengers overtaking BBM to take control of the IM world. There are over 800 million people that use WhatsApp on a daily basis and more people keep signing up for its free services. Now that WhatsApp has the ability to make voice calls, it is even going to get more difficult for BBM and other apps to catch up.

WhatsApp vs. Kik – The similarities

However, there is one app that actually has what it takes to replace WhatsApp on your phone and make up for all the communication needs that WhatsApp provides. Just like WhatsApp, Kik Messenger is free to send and receive messages as well as make free calls to other users. While WhatsApp keeps hold on all age groups in its user base, Kik has a huge following among the young people. With needs for storage space on phones ever on the rise, there is need for users to make huge decisions regarding which apps to install on their devices.

There is no point in having numerous instant messaging apps installed yet you can have one very powerful app that will cater to all your communication needs. So, which app will this be between these two – WhatsApp Messenger and Kik Messenger?

WhatsApp vs. Kik – The differences

WhatsApp offers users a platform for sending and receiving instant messages – voice, texts, video and images – without any charges or rather, paying for each single text you send like with SMS services.

To get WhatsApp Messenger up and running, users must register for the app by downloading and installing it. It requires a phone number to create an account for the phone owner. This is the number that your friends have and once you successfully install the app, your friends will be able to connect with you using this number via WhatsApp.

Kik Messenger on the other hand comes in with more than just the feature to communicate as it adds more flare to these services, unlike WhatsApp which is simple and on-point. Kik Messenger is for sure a very vibrant app that young people love for its features. This application has a different sign up strategy where it does not require your phone number and instead, it asks users to provide their usernames which will be used as their identifiers. In essence, the major difference between these two apps is that while WhatsApp asks for a phone number, Kik only requires a user name and a password.

Other major differences between WhatsApp and Kik include things like the age limit for signing up, where WhatsApp allows users aged 16+ to use it while Kik demands that users must be at least 17 years. It is very easy to ignore someone on Kik due to the use of usernames. However, doing the same with WhatsApp is not possible since phone numbers are in play.

Bottom line

Based on the fact that WhatsApp uses phone numbers to setup and Kik uses user names and passwords, it is relatively easier and faster to setup WhatsApp than Kik. Furthermore, using the latter app is a little taxing than using the former. However, the brighter side of Kik is that it is equipped with much better stickers and emoticons than WhatsApp, which makes it a better messaging tool than WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is amazing for its simplicity of use.However, the amazing integrations and features that Kik Messenger comes with place it on a higher level, despite it being slightly complicated.

Applications WhatsApp Messenger vs. Kik Messenger – Is it the Best WhatsApp Alternative?