There is no denying that WhatsApp has completely changed the way people use Instant Messaging services.

While WhatsApp is the most used messenger today, it has remained almost the same ever since it was launched. There are a number of features that the users wish they had in it, but aren’t there. This is precisely the reason for the coming of WhatsApp Plus. So what is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is basically the modified version of WhatsApp for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It differs from the original version. For example, it allows the users to customize many aspects of the app with amazing features that the original version does not include by default. You are able to change sizes, colors and other visual features of your WhatsApp account.

It is still not known whether using this version of WhatsApp is secure. Even so, what many people do know is that it works pretty well.

Installing Whatsapp Plus

Installing the app is quite simple and straightforward and it does not require you to uninstall the original version. But is it really worth uninstalling the original version for a new version? To begin with, it is imperative to first find out what unique features the new WhatsApp has added.

New Emoticons added

The new WhatsApp has included dozens of new emoticons. Unfortunately, these additional emoticons cannot be seen by others who use the original WhatsApp. If you send one of these extra emoticons to someone who uses the old WhatsApp, all they will see is a question mark.

Hide Last Online Status  

One of the areas where WhatsApp Plus has tried to address is the last time of login, which normally betrays people who want to hide their presence in WhatsApp. Of course, this is a feature you need to pay for. However, WhatsApp recently added the same function, which has rendered the one for WhatsApp Plus useless.

Edit Settings and Appearance of everything

WhatsApp Plus has multiple set of choices for editing settings and appearance. You can change the colors and size of widgets and disable certain functions. You can also change the appearance and even the size of pop up notifications. Aside from this, the new app lets you change the size limit of sent files. In addition to this, there are options for changing the quality of videos and images.

Is Whatsapp Plus Legal?

WhatsApp Plus was once available on Play Store but was removed. While you can still download WhatsApp Plus from a third party, there is no clear answer to whether or not the app is legal. Overall, the internal structure of both the original version and the new one are almost the same. Thus, it is safe to believe WhatsApp Plus is safe.


WhatsApp Plus is nearly similar to WhatsApp, but with more features. It is a great app to download if you want to send images without compression or want to hide your online status. But if you are not sure of whether the app is legal or not, then it is advisable to stick with the official one.

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