Chances are you are reading this on your smartphone. In your head you are also probably planning your day. Isn’t it wonderful, the number of things you can do at the same time and pay equal attention to each? The most complex organ in the human body is ofcourse the human brain and we quite literally hold one of its marvelous creations – the smartphone as an extension of it.

Think about it, your smartphone with its mobile technology through its apps irrespective of its platform can create new worlds for you. Let’s explore the 5 Best Social Messaging Apps!

Firstly, if we were to lay down the criteria to decide on the Best Social Messaging Apps, we would ideally want to have the following-

  • Easy to use
  • Features
    • Text Chat
    • Group Chat
    • Video Calling
    • Good stock of emoticons/ stickers
    • File Sharing
    • Status Updates
  • Doesn’t hang your device
  • Atleast some in app services like games, sticker on picture, multi platform and maybe even device integration etc.

Now, let’s explore the Social Messaging Apps that have captured the hearts and minds of the people around us:

  1. Whatsapp

Ofcourse, this one had to be at number one. Launched in 2009, and wildly popular ever since Whatsapp has had telecom giants fighting about revenue issues in several countries. Free for the first year and with an nominal annual subscription that either you or your friends can pay for you thereafter, it has recently introduced voice calling along with the already existing features of texting, sharing pictures, location, videos, creating groups, updating status and profile pictures. Completely cross platform, it even has a Bluestacks version that allows you to log in from your desktop.

  1. Snapchat

This is a hot favorite among singles and couples alike simply because of one great feature- messages self destruct seconds after viewed by recipient. We rest our case.

  1. Facebook Messenger

Relatively new to the circuit, this app came into play after Facebook told its users that they cannot use the Facebook inbox on the mobile app unless they download messenger. This is tied to the Facebook account of the users and offers VOIP, video calling, stickers, voice clips, peer-to-peer payments, location, and a whole platform of third-party content creation apps- from PDFs to PPTs, you can share just about anything. We foresee the nudging out of Blackberry messenger by this. What  do you think?

  1. Viber

Its tagline “Connect Freely” speaks volumes about the motive behind its existence. An absolute boon to friends and families separated by continents or living on shoe string budgets, despite having literally every other feature as the other ones, Viber is known for its great VOIP voice calling facilities. Also super easy to install with no separate set ups required – it reads the phone’s settings and contacts and immediately enables the app and you are sorted!

  1. BBM

The BlackBerry Messenger is literally sitting on the edge but we have been still hearing of a number of people still using it. Are you one of those? Its only in late 2013 that BBM was released on iOS and Android Systems doing away with the earlier Blackberry Messenger for Blackberry Users only approach. BlackBerry Messenger can be used to send texts, send pictures, voicenotes (audio recordings), files, location on a map, stickers and a wide selection of emoticons; voice calls and video calls (Currently a feature missing on Whatsapp)

Have we missed out on your favorite Social Messaging App? Comment below to let us know. Also, which is your favorite?


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