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7 Cool Tips for Samsung Galaxy S6 That Will Make Your Life a Lot Easier


If you own the Samsung’s flagship device, Galaxy S6, then it is imperative that you experience its awesomeness completely. That is why we have brought you some of the coolest tips and tricks that will help you unleash your gadget’s power and give you a splendid experience.

Setup Fingerprint Sensor

Samsung has given S6 a powerful Paypal certified fingerprint scanner, and it is impressive. To activate it, go to the main Settings. Under Lock Screen and Security, head to Screen Lock Type, then go to Fingerprints and follow the instructions. Record your thumb and index finger at various angles and positions since you will be using those fingers the most. You can change the settings such that both Web Sign-In and Samsung Account verification require fingerprint scanning rather than passwords.

Activate Smart Lock

If you are cautious about your phone’s security, then a password or pattern protected security lock is a must. However, they become such a nuisance when you are chatting with a friend. Opening the lock every time your friend messages, becomes a tad bit irritating. Samsung’s Smart Lock solves this problem. In the Secure Lock Settings under Lock Screen and Security Menu, you can set some of the geographical locations, such as your home, as trusted so that your phone defaults to a standard swipe unlock at these locations.

Set Up OK Google

You can call up a voice query from any screen now by simply uttering “OK Google”. Head over to Google app and in the navigation drawer on the left, visit Voice. Then in the OK Google Detection, toggle the “From any screen” option. Follow the instructions and you are set. Whichever screen you are on, just simply call out “OK Google” and you will have Google Search at your command. Cool isn’t it!

Customize Notification Toggles and Quick Settings

An amazing thing about Samsung’s Touchwiz interface are the notification toggles in the notification drawer. Now, you can edit it too. Just pull the notification drawer and you will see an “Edit” button at the top right corner. Press that, and set it up in accordance with your preferences.

The depth of customization extends to Quick Settings as well. The buttons in the notification drawer, that lead you to the most frequented settings pages, can be customized as well. Just tap “Edit” button on top of the existing Quick Settings and customize to your whims.

Enable Split Screen

This is one of the coolest features of S6. The enormous 5.1-inch display is best-suited for split-screen function, i.e. you can run multiple apps on the same screen. Hold down the multitasking button at the bottom left until a menu of apps appears at the bottom half of the screen. Choose any app and the top half displays it. Similarly, you can choose an app to be displayed in the bottom half. You can change the space allocated to each app too.

Screen Pinning

Who doesn’t hate nosey friends? You show them a picture and they start swiping to see more. From now on, no more of that. You can lock your phone on any app and prevent your friends from nosing around. Head over to Settings, then Lock Screen and Security, and then Other Security Settings. You will find the feature in Pin Windows. Now, whenever you are handing over your phone to someone, just pin the app by tapping the pushpin icon in app switcher. By enabling security lock on your phone, you can make the phone ask for a pattern or a pin to navigate out of pinned apps.

Do Not Disturb

This has become quite an important feature of late. What with us being addicted to our phones. Now, you can enjoy a few hours of downtime by enabling “Do Not Disturb” feature. Go to Settings, then Do Not Disturb. You can not only silence all notifications and calls, but also allow exceptions. You can add the numbers of your family, or someone whose call you are expecting, and so on. If you like to have regular hours of downtime such as sleeping and not be disturbed, you can Set Schedules for the phone to go into downtime mode every day during those hours. Pretty slick, huh!