The Android app marketplace grows better and more powerful every year.  Older apps get improvements and new apps take advantage of more powerful hardware.  The best part about the Android apps is that most of them can be had much cheaper than their iOS equivalents, usually free.  We’ve gathered our favorite Android apps that no owner should be without.


The popularity of Periscope has taken off like a rocket, on both smart phone platforms.  Periscope is the most user-friendly video streaming service out there, for both the broadcaster and the viewers.  You can share and talk about videos live, then watch it after the broadcast has ended.  There are some minor quirks about Periscope, but those things will probably be ironed out soon enough.


This new online radio service will please any music junkie out there, offering 35 million tracks up for mixing and digging and exploring.  There are over ten thousand presets made available, and you can throw together your own, choosing from all the top artists on the radio for free.

Google Inbox

By far the most reliable email service out there.  If you don’t have a Gmail account, then you’re missing the most powerful tool for anyone in both a professional and personal capacity.  You can group emails like an organizer app, which automatically throws things in related subjects, but the most powerful feature that users just can’t imagine living without is the Undo Send button.  Most Gmail-only users can’t believe that other email platforms lack this lifesaver.


Transform your Instagram account into an awesome collage, or any other pictures you want, for that matter.  A great little app that can make use of all those pictures that often get buried too quickly for those who have a trigger finger.  You can also edit your pictures with the app and eliminate any copies detected.


Most of us can’t go without our workout music no matter how motivated we are for the day.  Music is our heartbeat, but sometimes it can get annoying when we only have so many songs to cycle through and we hit a wall when it comes to inspiration.  Rock My Run is super efficient at finding your groove and keeping things fresh for your workouts.  It actually attempts to match your energy level by measuring your heartrate and gives you music that is better suited for your current status.  The free app is limited to 45 minute mixes, so it would be well worth it to pay for the upgrade, if you’re a workaholic.


For the amateur photographer in all of us, Dreamstime presents a way to finally turn fantasy into reality, by giving you a platform to sell your photos through their app.  You simply upload your portfolio to their online archive, which buyers who are looking for affordable stock photos can browse and purchase.  Dreamstime doesn’t just leave you out to the wolves, they provide useful tips on how to turn your hobby into a successful source of extra income.  Who knows?  It could turn into something more.

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