Whenever there is a new version of an operating system, most people are “turned on” for the big and major improvements to the OS.

Such is the case with the iOS 9; a system many believe will make Apple’s products even better. But while there are many major improvements in the system, it is those small, subtle and often underrated features that make the iOS 9 special, practical, functional and easy for daily usage. Here are some of them.

Lower-Uppercase Letters

For quite some time, there was no option to switch between lower and uppercase letters on your Apple keyboard as you typed a message. However, the feature that many were looking for is finally possible in the iOS 9. Depending of the shift key position, you can switch between lower/upper whenever you like as you type.

Search in Settings

The settings menu of any phone and eco system is a mess, no matter if it is an Android device, or an iOS device. With the iOS 9, Apple is finally trying to make things easier and more practical. The company has added a search bar in the settings menu, making it easier for users to navigate through it. The bar is positioned at the top.

iCloud Drive in Emails

One of the major improvements in the iOS 9 eco system is the return of iCloud Drive. And while many will talk about it, few people mention the fact that it is now possible to add iCloud Drive attachments to your email. This makes things easier for the users, and there is no need to even leave the email application. Tap and hold the screen until you get the menu, and tap on “Add attachment”. Select iCloud Drive.

Vibrating Alarm

With iOS 9, it is now possible to add vibrations to the alarm clock. You can also choose to disable the sound, and have only vibrations on your alarm clock. If you can wake up with just vibrations, disabling the sound gives you more discrete approach, and it can help in situations when there are other people in the house/room and you do not want to wake them up.

More Secure Pass Codes

In a subtle way, Apple has improved the security of pass codes. They now require 6 digits instead of 4. Adding more digits add more variations to the code, which makes it even harder for hackers to crack it.

App Thinning

One of the topics when Apple announced the iOS 9 was App Thinning. What is this feature all about? In essence, whenever you download an application, you can choose to download only the parts for your device. Most of the apps in the iOS 9 eco system, and in previous iOS systems are designed to work for iPhone, iPad, Mac and other devices. This way, you can download just the assets for your device, which in essence takes less storage space.

Group Notifications

Another subtle improvement to the way applications and notifications work in iOS 9 is group notifications. Many apps can spam your screen with countless notifications. Group Notifications groups all notifications from one app, and instead of receiving five notifications for Facebook, you get only one.

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