Apple Music was finally unveiled at the Worldwide Developer Conference and the company said that the music service will be available starting with June 30, when it will be added to iOS, while the Android and Apple TV users will get it this fall. The reason why Apple made this service compatible with the rival platform is because of the monthly subscription of $9.99, which will be paid by the users. So, more money for Apple! Are you ready to try Apple Music? Here are some advantages and disadvantages that you must take into consideration.


– Apple Music won’t be available only for the iOS platform. If you’re loyal to Android, you don’t need to ditch your smartphone and get an iPhone to have access to Apple Music. In the fall, the service will be available for Android, as well.

– The best way to promote yourself, if you’re a new musician and want people to find out about you, is to upload your music, but not every mediocre song recorded in your bedroom, with a homemade pop filter. Also, the artists will have their own page where they’re interact with their fans and share photos, notes etc.

– The service will be free to use for three months. If you’ll be satisfied and decide to extend your account, then you will be forced to pay a monthly subscription.


– $9.99 is not a small sum of money, especially if you live in a Second World country, where the minimum wage is 200-300 dollars. However, the same amount of money is charged by other music services such as Spotify, Google Play, and Tidal, so you won’t make a great deal. There is also a family plan for up to six members, which is $14.99 a month, while Spotify has higher monthly rates for families: $14.99 for two members, $19.99 for three members, $24.99 for four members and $29.99 for five members, but these plans will be lowered in order to compete with Apple.

– The Android users will need to pay the monthly subscription, while the iOS users will have access to Beats 1 Radio, Apple Music radio stations and Connect without paying money.

– There are only 30 million songs on Apple Music. Spotify has the same number of song, but that doesn’t mean that its collection is identical to Apple Music.

– You won’t have a free, ad-supported option likewise on Spotify.

– Spotify is available on iOS, Android, PCs, Macs, Apple Watch, Roku, Amazon Fire, PlayStation 3 and 4, while Apple Music covers only iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Macs and PCs.

Applications Apple Music – Top Advantages and Disadvantages