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Auto-Tracking and Auto-Sharing of Location on Facebook Messenger Turned Off, Feature is Now User-Defined


Facebook Messenger no longer tracks and shares your location details automatically when you send someone a message.

Instead, this feature is now user-controlled and it only sends location details if the user asks it to.

However, this will involve a series of processes before you enable the app to send location to your friends. As usual, we are here to help you master these steps as well as highlight you on the latest developments in this Facebook Messenger app.

Sharing of location on Facebook Messenger

To share location on Messenger app will now be optional, that is according to Facebook. What this means is that users will have to learn these simple steps that they can use to send location data to their friends. However, the steps are not very hard to master.

When in the Messenger app, tap on the “More” button that is located at the bottom right of your chat window and then follow it by tapping on “Location.” From here, the choice of what you want to share exactly will rest with you. You can decide to use a map to show where you are or make use of an exact location, for instance, a hotel or bar. After selecting how you want to share your location, just tap on “Send” and that’s it.

Facebook Messenger will be using Apple Maps to provide location sharing services on iOS devices while the same services shall be catered for on Android by using Nokia HERE maps.

Facebook Messenger receives no user location data automatically

According to Facebook, the latest version of Facebook Messenger, which features this location sharing ability, will not be receiving any location data from the user unless it is instructed to do so by the user. In fact, the location data will not be accessed by the app as long as your phone’s location services stay off.

What this means is that Messenger will only receive data about your location once you choose to share it via the map service. There is no information gathered in the background and you won’t be asked for any permission as far as your information is concerned.  Safety begins with you heading to the settings section of your Android app and disabling the location sharing feature. For the iOS users, head to Settings>Privacy>Location>Services and select the “Never” option.

Make sure you confirm that no single chat thread has location tracking turned on.