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Clash of Clans Free Download – Bullying is Removing the Player From the Clan


Is your child a little obsessed with mobile games?

Does your child play Clash of Clans for almost the entire day? Yes, it is highly addictive, where you play the game as a combatant. However, being a warrior at such a small age is riskier than making a clan at an older age.

As Supercell calls Clash of Clans ‘An Epic Combat Strategy Game’, many of your skills are tested while playing this addictive game such as planning, careful thinking and successfully managing resources. You get on your feet and work hard to build your empire. After a considerable game level, you enter into clans of other players and are either the ruler or a supporting member of that troop.

Positive values for Playing

As Clash of Clans is a combat strategy, your child gain many values such as bravery, decisiveness, planning, strategically thinking, taking risks, analyzing information, predicting moves and thoughts of counter army, recovering from a negative event, team work, putting hard work and building everything from scratch, patience and consistency. As one has the opportunity to earn all the values during leisure time and from one single game, such pastimes pull players and non-players like magnets.

Negative Effects for Playing

However, if small children buff about this game every time, you have to think once again about your child’s future. The basic idea of this game is to attack the opposite army with all your force and energy. Though Clash of Clans does not impregnate any violence in it; however, killing a person is offensive; you do not want your child to participate in such acts. In addition to this, the game offers ‘chat’ option where you can chat with your clan members or talk about them and spread it online by hitting the ‘global’ option. This can affect any child’s reputation if a bad name is spread.

There have been reports published, where one student bullied another, as the bullying student was the leader of the clan. The student who was being bullied had to keep quiet and bear everything, as he wanted to stay in the troop and play the war. Many risks are involved in this game only when it is played without any age restrictions. Parents must allow children above the age of 10 to play video games. Though the game is made just for effective passing of time and entertain oneself, it must not have any negative effect unless wrongfully used.