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Crossy Road Free Download – Hipster Whale Investing Time and Money in ex-Halfbrick Studio


After a long journey, the Fruit Ninja trio left their company, Halfbrick Studio, and started a new studio, Prettygreat.

It feels just so agitated to hear that the three brilliant men have set themselves for an upheaval in the gaming industry. Phil Larsen, Luke Muscat and, Hugh Walters are the super talented team of the new venture, Prettygreat.

As the new company is just a startup, it is just too obvious to question how the trio can survive with experimenting and implementing their ideas without any monetary backup. It requires nothing less than $10000 a month for professional licenses, insurance, technology, gadgets, rent, and the rest of the expenditure follows. This is where the real story starts.

The News

News has just broken out that the developers of the famous Crossy Road, a game where the player plays a mascot to many animals and crosses the road without being hit by vehicles, have invested some seed money in the Prettygreat trio. Hipster Whale endowed nothing less than AUD $500000, which is USD $380.1K, in the ex-Halbrick Studio men. This has brought the two companies together and they are planning to help each other in whatever they think they can bring to serve the fans of Prettygreat and Hipster Whale. Before the investment, when Crossy Birds advisors, Matt Hall and Andy Sum, were asked in an interview of their successful venture, Sum replied, ‘we far exceeded any financial goals we had’. Now, since they have invested in Prettygreat, they are planning to bond with Prettygreat as advisors and shareholders.

Is Hipster Whale Investing the Right People?

It is great to hear when one company brings in a huge mansion for them and a line of luxury cars with the money their games have fetched. However, it sounds even better when such a big shot invests in other gaming company to explore more about video games. With the style of games ex-Halfbrick threesome have provided in the yester years, there is no doubt they are here to stay. They are a startup of some ultra-switched on men who believe only in having a huge legacy in their professional career. With games like Jetpack and Fruit Ninja, it is noticeable that they are the key players in putting forth some highly successful games in no time and if they are in need of some million dollars investment, they will have no problem to get the investor. Phil Larsen, Luke Muscat and Hugh Walters leading the company as managing director, creative director and art director can make interesting games with some simple ideas of Hipster Whale and extra-graphical style of Prettygreat.

Before giving any major hit, Prettygreat will have to show us their talent together through a couple of small interesting games; no matter we believe in them and eagerly waiting for some fun. However, with Hipster Whale leading the road, these men can sit back on their haunches and have a great ride to show some successful gaming apps. Can we expect a game or two from this collaboration until the end of the year?