Facebook Messenger has recently been receiving quite a number of updates and honestly, these updates are behind the recent increase in the number of active users of the Messenger.

As it stands, there are more than 600 million actively using this instant messaging app. Furthermore, Facebook Messenger recently announced that it had reached 1 billion downloads in the Google Play Store alone, which is a huge indicator of the love that people are showing for this app.

Just recently, Facebook added the ability to make video calls to Messenger, a feature that was not available in the past. However, users of this app could still enjoy making calls, but only voice calls. The feature also comes in with the ability to send and receive video messages, which again was previously not available.

Latest Facebook Messenger update allows the users to share locations

Previously, no Facebook Messenger user could enjoy similar location sharing services as those enjoyed by WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps. However, the latest version now comes in with this ability, letting the users share location or rather allowing them to tag others to their location.

The latest version will feature a location pin right on the chat menu in addition to the other usual options of emoji, add-ons and photos, among others. What this pin is meant for is to allow you to send a location tag when in an active conversation.

The feature even makes things better when using Facebook Messenger, as the users can still send meeting points that are just within the neighborhood, be it a restaurant, a hotel or even a landmark. Facebook will tag this point and make everything easier for anyone who is trying to locate you.

No need of an update to get Facebook Messenger location sharing

While the usual process for many updates is that they are availed in the Play Store or iTunes App Store for the users to download them, it seems this update is coming directly from the servers of Facebook. What this means is that you may not need to download an update of the app in order to start sharing locations on Messenger. The feature will be active when Facebook decides to make it available in your region.

Once you have the feature available on your Facebook Messenger app, the process of getting it up and running is pretty much simple. All you need is to tap on the “More” button and then select “Location” right from the add-ons list. Once done, you can now start sharing locations with your friends.

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