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Fallout 4 Must Exceed It's Predecessor


When you build a successful fan base to the scale of Fallout 4 it is in your best interests to keep everyone excited and happy. Bethesda only needs to look to EA’s Sim City / Battlefield 4 or Blizzard’s Diablo 3 to understand the devastation a poor launch release can have on a brand. We know that Bethesda have a reputation for keeping true to their promises. The Elder Scrolls Online saw itself to a bit of a shaky start since September 2014 with a massive round of layoffs post-development, but has managed to find it’s footing and looking to expand with some up-and-coming console releases. The current state of affairs is looking bright for all Fallout fans – but will they be able to deliver on the hype?

Chances are that many would answer yes in the general consensus at this stage. Although Bethesda hasn’t shown any official gameplay since the reveal, some interesting comparison have been made between the graphical systems of Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. You can watch the video below to see for yourself how the pixel shading is currently being changed in development. Additionally, if you want to catch up on the latest news about the game, check out my Fallout 4 Rumor Dog series for the latest hype.

What exactly makes the Fallout series so popular? Many fans may remember playing the original Fallouts leading up to the popularised Fallout 3, but a defining reason behind the popularity of the genre is due to the choices we can make in an open-world. Humans love to see things come to life as a result of their efforts, it’s just how we are wired. Being able to replicate this sense of significance within the boundaries of a mind-blowing story while holding a lasergun is taking it to the next level.

While Fallout doesn’t necessarily have to be graphically superior, fans continue to be vocal about their desire for innovation. It doesn’t necessarily have to be change, as long as new ideas are thrown into the mix. This is simply due to the fact that Fallout in itself is already such an extraordinary game that the majority of fans would happily dig into the formula without too much question.

The potential issue lies with the finer details. Questions such as whether or not the notorious concept of DLC will hinder gameplay is still a very valid one. If anyone still remembers Skyrim’s ‘Horse armor’ pack, you can’t exactly put it past Bethesda to hit the nail on any money making construct they can find. Additionally, with Fallout 4 seemingly using a similar set of environments through a mixture of Fallout 3 and New Vegas, will fans be able to feel the authenticity of the game world as intensely as they had managed to in prior games?

The philosophy behind a immersive post-apocalyptic world can be so enthralling that many would want to try it out even if they didn’t have the slightest idea behind the story. However, this is not the case with the Fallout series. Bethesda, intentionally or unintentionally have set the motion of a hype train that they will not be able to stop. Many eyes are watching for any signs of disaster to pull the stops – and given many terrible experiences with preorders, it is fair to say not everyone can share the same optimism for AAA titles as they used to. Hugely marketed games such as Titanfall turned out to be a huge hype train that came to a horrific early end, and it would be a crushing blow to fans if Bethesda failed to deliver here when fans are so eagerly expecting.

Will Fallout 4 be able to outclass it’s predecessor?