Over the last decade, the email platforms have risen up to the expectations of the business world, becoming the ultimate links in communication worldwide.

It’s simple and comes to this – Everyone uses email! Whether it is an aspiring student, a CEO in a company or a virtual assistant communicating with the job provider online – the email zone has become a comfort zone in the digital world.

And when we say email, obviously, Gmail is the first and one of the best providers out there. The Gmail platform has been updated continuously – all with a single goal – to tailor to the exact needs of the online users everywhere.

From desktop to mobile, Gmail’s presence varies in forms and specifications. Today, we will introduce the 5 coolest features of the Gmail Android App.

  1. Merging the inbox panel

Unifying the Inbox and giving it a grouped approach has shown that Google cares for the users online. Letting you look at messages from several Google accounts all at once, whether it is your tablet or mobile device, you can endeavor the great drop-down menu placed on the left – making it carelessly easy to view and organize your emails.

  1. Simplicity in actions

Google renovated the whole Gmail experience – with adding amazing swipe features as well. The quest for the ‘Archive’ or ‘Select more’ buttons is now approachable and easy – with only swiping the particular email, you can be ready to make the most out of the Gmail actions.

Not only you have actions at ease within the space of the selected email – also, there are many actions in the header panel such as Reply to All, Reply and Forward as well.

  1. Syncing at ease

Google now lets you personalize your Gmail Android App by allowing you to set the days of emails to sync. Instead of standard days for this action featured in the older versions, now, you can set your preferred days of syncing. Allowing you to label, cache or re-configure your emails in the way you want it, Gmail now makes sure you don’t lose any data – and just love Gmail more and more!

  1. Smarter search

The countless hours spent on searching that one email sent to you 2 years ago, making you scroll all over your inbox are over. The new Gmail integrates a handy list of search operators – making your search experience to the point.

So, instead of going through all the pages and (never) finding your email of 2 years ago – you can add a filter in the Search Box with the name older_than:2y.

Thank you Google!

  1. Mute conversations

Do you have a ‘boring’ group which emails never stop coming?

Well, with the new Gmail, you can get rid of the notifications you receive from it. With only taping on it, you will find an amazing ‘Mute’ button – which will save you from being nervous – and make you sure you get only the important stuff in your Inbox.


Google is reshaping the mobile experience on a daily basis. Although these features don’t make you jump from your seat, it is sure that their simplicity in actions is what every Gmail user wants = in reshaping his or her email experience at the tablet, smart phone or any other device accordingly.

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