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Google Inbox Email App – Download and Install Free APK to Enjoy Great Features and Benefits


The Google Inbox Email App has been around for a while, but all this time it has been existing as a beta app.

However, just recently the stable version of Google Inbox appeared in the Google Play Store and what it means is that the users of the Android devices can now download and install it for free.

Now that the app is finally available for use, we at least have the chance to explore it and get to know its features and benefits better. Even though this app has just been in the Play Store for about a week or so, it is already approaching 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store. More and more people are expected to download and install this very simple and easy to use app for accessing their Gmail messages. However, it will also mean that these users will drop the use of the current Gmail app as this will take its place, giving users an easier platform to access their Gmail inbox.

As usual, the first versions of most apps come with some limitations with respect to their OS compatibility. This new version of the Google Inbox Email app is not an exception as it can only be used by those using the Android 4.1 and above. However, as more updates come in as expected, this application will be available for users of other older versions of the Android OS.

Features and benefits of Google Inbox Email App

If you are still having second thoughts about downloading and installing the latest version of the Gmail Inbox app, there is plenty for you here. This app is equipped with some amazing features that you for sure don’t want to miss. One such feature is the Highlights feature. This feature acts as a channel through which information trickles into your phone with respect to your emails, flight check-ins and even photos from friends.

Furthermore, the Inbox app will bundle any reoccurring messages and present them to you and in this way, you won’t have to keep reading messages over and over again. Another very essential feature that Inbox has brought along with it is the ability to add reminders in a bid to create something like a to-do list.

The Google Inbox Email app comes with a snooze feature which helps the users in the prioritization of messages and save them for later reading. In essence, what makes this app a hit is its ability to sport the attributes of both the Google Now card and Gmail app. The beta version has also seen some improvements to its features where the stable version now includes the ability to delete by swiping, setting a signature and including trip bundles feature for collating information regarding trips.

Bottom line

All that can be said about this new Gmail Inbox app is that so far, it’s doing well. Soon enough, the app will be having millions of users. What remains to be unknown is whether Google will retain the Gmail for mobile app once the Google Inbox Email app cements its place in this industry.