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Google Play Store Apps and Games Download For Android TV 5.5.15


Android TV is going through some difficulties when it comes to showing the apps to users. This goes back to the “leanback” variant that belongs to the Google Play Store.

Initially, the Play Store unveiled spick-and-span applications. So while browsing through videos and other types of games, users could see merely 200 apps pop-up. Some of you surely thought that those 200 applications were exclusively Android TV apps while for the rest, you had to manually look them up. The rest of the apps should have been searched by using the principal launcher that comes with the device.

But now with the 5.5.15 variant being made available, things are looking up. More sections of the Android TV gizmo can now be spotted and apparently each application that is a match with your Android gizmo is shown. Have a look-see and browse through the endless list of results, just like you would do on a page of the Play Store on your handset for instance. But besides the basic apps (includes Media, Tools and Utilies etc) Note: Developers might be mistaken when indicating and naming their applications- a concrete example is the Soul Calibur game which was marked a “messaging” application). Also if you are looking for a game, you should search by genre (ex: Arcade or Racing).

Google Play Store Download Android TV

The 5.5.15-leanback update

This should roll out instantly to all Android TVs. But due to its great improvements, some users might wish to set the APK file by hand. Be careful since this is not an easy task. Make sure you fire up all of your side loaded applications (found in Settings) just like you would normally do on an Android gadget. The next step is to transfer the file onto the gizmo. One simple gimmick you could use is to drop the APK File onto Dropbox or if you prefer into Google Drive.

Next, go ahead to the cloud storage feature of the ES File Explorer (it won’t cost you a dime to set it up and you can look for it in the Google Play Store) and then simply load and set it up by hand.

If the Android TV can take the external storage, simply let it “plunge” on the external drive and that’s all there is to it. This is a great way to get what you want and not having to sit around and wait for Google to launch the update on the Android TV gizmo.