Starting from June, the Indian mobile users who have 2G networks (slow internet connections) will have a feature that will allow them to load search links faster. Google will launch Search Lite, which was already tested in Indonesia.

Back in October 2014, the US tech giant announced that Indian mobile Internet space will receive a new feature that can enable a faster search capability for smartphones, if the internet connection is weak. This announcement was made after Google released the Android One smartphones created in partnership with Micromax, Karbonn and Spice, which were extremely affordable for the Indian consumers. The average price of an Android One handset is Rs 6,399 ($100), and the specs are quite decent. But if the internet connection is poor, the users struggle to load search links and this is where the “Search Lite” feature comes into play.

According to Hiroto Tokusei, Search Product Manager, Google Inc, the feature detects when the mobile user has a slow network and Google helps the page load faster. There’s a video proving the capabilities of this feature by opening a page with a normal connection (in the left side of the screen) and being optimized with “Search Lite” (in the right side of the screen). You will see that the page opens in 7.5 seconds with Search Lite activated, while without the feature, it takes 114 seconds for the page to load.

Google already tested the feature in Indonesia and Tokusei was pleased with the results. It seems that Search Lite helps the pages load four times faster, resulting in a reduction in data consumption by up to 80 percent.

Thanks to this new feature, the publishers will increase their page views by up to 50 percent, but the pages don’t include Google Analytics (which tracks page views). Tokusei mentioned that Google will implement analytics and some ad networks have already are working on these types of pages.

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