There is nothing better than having a smartphone.

This device has lived on to become a basic need for many users in developed nations and these same dependency levels are beginning to take shape in the developing world.

People need smartphones to stay in touch, chat with friends on apps, and browse the web for information as well as play online and offline games. One problem that has become common with any smartphone owner is the battery life issue. As much as most of the users would love to download and install dozens of super apps on their Android devices, the battery power required to keep these apps going is immense.

The lucky part of the story is that there are some apps with built-in capabilities that control the amount of power used to power them. For instance, decrease the brightness of the screen or even closing too many open tabs boosts the battery life of the phone.

While there are already dozens of such apps that help in reducing the amount of battery power a phone uses, choosing the very best from this list is very hard. However, our team of professionals has already done the hard work for you and below is a list of the top Android battery saving apps that will keep your battery going for a longer period.

DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver is available in the Google Play Store. What this app does is extend the battery life of your Android device by 50%. When the app starts, it informs you about the amount of battery life remaining. This will help you determine the amount of energy your device consumes. DU Battery Saver also helps in adjusting your Android device’s settings in a bid to increase the battery life by up to 70%.

Juice Defender

With over 7 million downloads from the Google Play Store, Juice Defender is one of the best battery saving apps you can get for your Android phone. Using Juice Defender, you will be sure to manage your mobile data, Wi-Fi, internet connections (3G/4G) as well as the speed of your phone’s processor. The app can also be used to monitor and identify the apps that eat up your battery, which you can then remove to help extend your phone’s battery life.

Battery Doctor

Just as the name suggests, Battery Doctor will take care of all your battery’s problems. It will find the apps that were unnecessarily installed on your phone and are using too much of your battery power. The app will provide you with detailed information regarding the power consumption of each and every app as well as help you remove the battery hogs. Other than that, the app will also advice you on when and how to charge your phone, which is very smart as it helps keep your battery in good condition for a longer period. Battery Doctor is already being used by over 330 million people.

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