Google unveiled Inbox seven months ago and during the I/O developer conference, the company announced that those who have a Gmail or Google Apps account can access this email application, and we’re pretty sure that many of the 900 million Gmail users will want to move to Inbox as soon as possible.

In October 2014, Google released the beta version of Google Inbox and only those with an invitation were allowed to access it. However, starting with May 28, 2015, everyone with a Gmail account was able to access Inbox Email without an invitation.

So, how does it work? Every time a user signs in, Google goes through the email account and scans it for important information. If more emails have similar subjects (Travel offers, Updates etc), they are grouped as Bundles. However, the users can customize Bundles and select to show them at a certain time. Emails can be organized with quick actions, so it will be easier to archive a message by swiping to right of the screen, or to “snooze” an email (to be notified later that the message has arrived) by swiping left. So, these actions will transform your Inbox into a “to do list”, by sending reminders to yourself.

Now that Inbox is open, it brought new additions, so the users have a new feature called “Trip Bundles” which analyzes all emails with confirmations and bookings, and creates an itinerary with relevant information to help them in their trips. All reminders will be accessed via Google Now and Google Keep and other tasks that will be found by Inbox in your emails will be added as specific reminders – but you will do that manually, after the applications will suggest you to do that.

However, the best and useful feature is “Undo Send”. So, if you accidentally send an incomplete email, or your just change your mind and want to send it later, click on the Undo Send button right after sending the message, to cancel it.

Alex Gawley, Google’s director of product management for Gmail and Inbox said that this project was an experiment, separate from Gmail and because the team liked the result, they decided to launch it. Now, they’re waiting to see how many people will use it.

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