An endless run game that fetched its developer more than a million five-star ratings, Temple Run has set a history in the gaming industry.

No matter from which device you play, this game is one of the most fun and enjoyable games. The first two sequels have brought tremendous responses and have made over a fifty million downloads to the app store. With the rumors of the making of Temple Run 3, it is obvious the running spree is nowhere to halt. How will this new venture be? Let us find out what is new with Temple Run 3 than its previous versions.

When is the Release?

Imangi Studios, the company developing the series of Temple Run games, always makes its first impression in the month of January. As it did not happen this year, it surely ought to happen in the next year. Nevertheless, people are expecting the release to be in the month of August this year. The excitement to play the third version of Temple Run is what is keeping people on their toes. So let us wait for the release of the brand new version, where there would be no bugs and interesting challenges.

How are the Graphics?

Rumors are out that this third season is full of twists, spins and turns, just the way we had it in Oz. When compared to the earlier versions, the graphics have improved. Though Temple Run 1 was a major hit, it did not have impeccable effects as its second version has. So, we can expect better than the best in Temple Run 3 with respect to the graphics, animations and three-dimensional effects.

What is its Online version?

The factor of playing the game online rather than downloading and enjoying is a good step towards healthy promotion. You can play it on the official website of the game and do not have to worry about the downloading system and engaging the space in the electronic device. This has relieved most of the users, as they do not own internet connectivity as fast as downloading the game from the app store in minutes.

What is the Game Play

With the advancement in each version, Temple Run 3 is supposed to have many locked players that can only be unlocked with the coins that you earn during the play. Imangi Studios has a set of exciting boosters and power ups in this adaptation. The basic concept will remain the same, except the difficulty level of the challenges and the daily tests would be tougher than the previous versions. It will be difficult to scratch the monkeys off the back, as with the new version, they may get bigger and faster to outrun.

Temple Run 3 is a game, one of its kind and is surely going to keep all the players glued to the screens and will help them to escape the temple to win. Until Temple Run 3 hits the gaming charts, you can play with the previous versions and hone the expertise to outrun every challenge in the coming release.

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