New iPhone owners or long-time owners can always use a new app to make their lives easier or to pass time.  The problem is that there’s just too many apps to sort through, install, uninstall, and spend countless hours trying out.  Most of the top lists out there usually contain apps you either already use or have used.  We went through and picked out some lesser-known apps that are guaranteed to have something you will like and actually use.


If you are looking for a better way to enjoy podcasts, Overcast is an app that will make it easy to access, find, and track your favorites.  Overcast will even enhance them, using a tool called Voice Boost that will fix any balance issues, either too low or too loud, which is common in amateur podcasting where microphone quality varies widely.  There’s also an option to eliminate long bouts of silence or breaks.  You can open up these features and more with extra purchases, but the app is free.

Dark Sky

There are so many inadequate weather apps out there, either providing inaccurate weather data or poor and simplistic visual data.  Dark Sky is an amazing app that proclaims the ability to show up to the minute local forecasting, to display weather radar data in practically real-time mapping.  We think the other major weather networks will have no choice but to take notice as this app gains in popularity.


If you’re looking for an all-purpose app that comes in handy no matter where you are or what you’re doing, the Snap Guide is your app.  This is essentially a much more efficient and faster shortcut to Googling information on how-to guides online.  You get everything about buying, repairing, upgrading, and doing all sorts of projects.  Learn a new trade or skill, all with really great pictures and diagrams, for those who learn visually.


Those who get their news mainly from social media nowadays, but really wish news reader formats, like Facebook’s were a bit more reader-friendly, Paper is an app that you should give a shot.  Paper pulls from multiple news sources and converts them into more image-based formats that allows one to easily browse and digest various news stories.  Much more easier on the eyes.


The default scheduler apps that most people use can certainly get the job done, as it is not what you use, it’s how dedicated you are to staying organized.  Timeful is an app that simply lets you do more; dividing tasks and major events, listing goals, and sorting through your busy day.  You can easily sync it with your already existing calendars, plus form new habits and change how much time you spend doing certain tasks.


This last app is by far the most popular app, and probably one you might use or have heard of.  This is just a reminder that Camera+ is more than just a camera app, it’s one of the most powerful photo editors for your mobile device.  Lots of great filters, settings, and freedom to adjust and add anything you want to your photos.

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