WhatsApp developers are one of the busiest groups of developers at the moment, rolling out update after update in each and every version they present to the users.

In actual sense, the users of the Android devices have been huge beneficiaries of these efforts, receiving update after update in the many beta versions that the app rolls out. This is an indicator that the app is truly working towards becoming the major provider of internet communication services.

Even though WhatsApp for Android has been at the top of the charts when it comes to receiving major updates, it is now the time of the iOS users to enjoy the same as well. Just recently, this platform received the WhatsApp voice calling feature, after it had existed on the Android devices for more than a month. A few days ago, WhatsApp for iOS came in with a new feature for its users and for sure, you’ll love it if you are a user of this platform.

WhatsApp 2.12.3 iOS update mostly focuses on bug fixes

As noted above, WhatsApp for iOS recently received the voice calling feature. This messaging platform is growing in leaps and bounds and with this addition to the iPhone, many will for sure keep joining. Even though it is now possible to make free WhatsApp voice calls to other users of iPhones, the feature is still very new and unstable. It is for this reason the latest version of this messenger comes in with more bug fixes and less new features.

The bug fixes are aimed at perfecting the voice calling feature, which is of course still very buggy. There are lags in calls and some users claim that calls come to unexpected breaks, even when the internet connection is superb. However, this new version now features a much more improved voice calling experience, which is just what the users want to hear.

Other fixes touched on the features like location sharing services, slow-motion video sharing as well as chat archiving, among others.

New features in WhatsApp 2.12.3 for iOS

In addition to the bug fixes, there are some new features included in this update. Users can now access an additional archive option which is now located next to the individual chats. Furthermore, there is a new Storage Usage feature that has also been introduced in the latest version for the iPhone users.

What these updates mean is that the iPhone users of this messenger will now be able to easily make archives of their chats in a single swipe. In the past, the swipe right gesture resulted in delete and more options. In the latest version of WhatsApp 2.12.3, there is now an additional archive button.

The Storage Usage option is found in the Accounts tab and with this feature, you will get a lowdown of the space consumed by chats on your device. This feature will let you know the total amount of space as well as provide you with details of which individual or group is using up more storage space on your device. This addition is great as it even getting smarter by breaking down the type of files that use too much space, be it texts, videos, images or voice notes.

At the moment, the Storage Usage feature is only available on WhatsApp for iOS. The Android users and those on the other platforms will have to wait a little longer before the feature is released on their platforms.

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