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WhatsApp Trendy Blue – Most Dangerous Application Ever Made?


WhatsApp is the application that attracts not only loyal users, but scammers, as well. Besides, there are lots of cloned applications that offer additional features, but they are harmless. The only bad thing they do to WhatsApp is to steal the loyal users, by luring them with customization options or other free features that can’t be found on the original application. But you should know that there is an application called WhatsApp Trendy Blue, which is a hoax and whose purpose is to trick you to visit the website and to enter your phone number, which will be harvested and sold to scammers or marketing companies.

We understand that you want more features from WhatsApp and you’re tempted to install any application that promises you the moon and the sky, but you shouldn’t trust any version that you find on the internet. Not all cloned applications are harmless, and we believe it’s our duty to warn you about fake applications that we come across. And it came to our attention that WhatsApp Trendy Blue is an application that seems trustworthy, until the person visits the official website and try to download the installation file. At this point, you will be required to enter your mobile number, in order to get the APK file, which is wrong! Besides, if you have an efficient antivirus, when trying to access the page, you will be warned that it contains viruses. So, stay away from this application, because if you will enter your number, the scammers will use it to sell it to other scammers or marketing companies.

This is why you must be cautious, because no application forces you to firstly enter your mobile number, in order to install it. The strategy of the scammers behind the WhatsApp Trendy Blue app is to link the user to a premium rate service and other ten users, friends with the victim, will be scammed as well.

If you’ll ever want to install an alternative to the original WhatsApp, it’s better to look on the internet, to see if it’s not a scam.