There is no doubt that everything that had been rumored about the WWDC 2015 lived up to it.

If you didn’t manage to sit through the session for the first few hours, then you missed quite a lot.

The good thing is that we did attend the first few hours of the keynote for you and here are our findings from this event with respect to the latest operating systems from Apple – Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan and iOS 9, all of which will be unveiled in fall this year.

OS X 10.11 El Capitan

Apple will be rolling out a new Mac OS X 10.11 and this operating system has been codenamed El Capitan. This new OS is obviously expected to come in with a bunch of new features; however, it is first of all expected that Apple will take care of the many nagging issues that are affecting those on the current OS X Yosemite.

Some of the latest features to expect in this OS are new gestures as well as a new way of pinning sites to the Safari web browser. There will be an additional speaker icon on the browser which will be handy when muting music coming from any open tab. Spotlight will also be receiving some major updates where you won’t need names to search files and instead, you can describe the file. The new El Capitan OS will also borrow something from Windows 10 and allow the users to split the screen for multitasking purposes.

El Capitan is currently available for developers, but the full version and probably more additional features will come in later this year.

iOS 9

Apple is hugely focused on making the iOS 9 a more intelligent OS than the iOS 8 and other versions of the OS. Siri will be getting numerous improvements to make it an even better companion for the iOS 9 users. The users can now enjoy a contextually sensitive Siri that takes in descriptions of searches to deliver the best and most accurate results. This is just one among the many improvements Siri will be getting in the iOS 9.

Furthermore, this OS will feature a new API for search where developers will have an easier time when it comes to deeply linking apps from mobile Spotlight searches. What this means is that no search is linked to a user’s ID or even shared with any third party. The latest iOS 9 will also come with a new News app where users can easily personalize content and the app will automatically update its content whenever it is launched. The iPad will be getting new gestures as well as a multi-window support which allows the users to multitask.

To add zest to everything, the iOS 9 will only require 1.3GB to update, unlike the iOS 9, which required 4.48GB. This OS is still available in beta, but the full version should be available by fall, probably together with a brand new iPhone 6S.

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